How To “Make Money” Fast…

11/23/2011 | 2 Comments

Over the next few posts I want to give you some important techniques you can use to enhance your marketing – and boost your bottom line. (Given that we’ve just spent a couple days talking about being resourceful, I thought this might further your ability to do just that. To help you succeed at the levels that you’re capable of.)

One of the questions (or some variation of it) I still get asked quite often is – “how can I make some money fast?”

The truth of the matter is that that’s a bad question for someone who is just starting their business to ask.

You see, if you have a business – if you have stuff that you’re selling and you have a list of prospects and clients/customers – then there are things you can do to accelerate that process. Because you already have leverage-able assets that you use to do it.


Online Business Tip: Merchants Hand Down New Regulations

01/27/2010 | 4 Comments

Is this a good thing?

Recently, Mastercard and Visa, as well as other merchant processors have conveyed some new regulations with regard to program execution such as one-time offers, forced continuities, and shipping and handling only, to name a few.

These new rules/regulations are due to longtime complaints from customers that are being billed for products they didn’t want or felt they were being misled into buying.  All the processors have basically decided to shun any company that employs tactics like deceptive forced continuity type programs.

So the big question remains…is this a good thing or not?

Well, I guess the answer depends on you, your business philosophy, and the quality of products or services you provide for your customers.

I believe that there are many pros and cons to this new set of guidelines.

I’m very excited about these guidelines and plan to use them to our company’s advantage in order to lead our company to higher levels.  We will simply do what we always preach and that’s to do the right thing.

Now, if you are one of those companies that is focused on taking every last dollar from your customers or trying to misguide or force people into a continuity program unwillingly  in order to squeeze a month or two of program fees out of them… than you’re probably concerned about the new regulations.  As you should be!

If you get caught violating these regulations, not only will you lose your merchant processor and merchant account, but most likely you won’t be able to get another account from other processors in the future.

Here at Strategic Profits, from time to time, we have tried optional continuity type programs.  It is a possibility that we may offer  some type of optional continuity program in the future, however, these new guidelines are making us step up our game, convey all of our offers with even greater clarity, and become superior in the way we handle our prospects and customers.

These new guidelines will force us to revisit the marketing basics that we know have worked for decades and decades (because consumer buying habits never change).


10 Tips To Become A Super-Productive Entrepreneur

08/21/2009 | 51 Comments

by Todd Brown

If you’re at all like most internet marketers, you have a desire to increase your productivity and… plain and simple… just get more done.

As somebody who used to struggle on and off with being consistently productive, here are 10 recommendations (in no particular order) you can use to be a HECK of a lot more productive in 2009.

1. Use self-imposed discipline.

In other words, put yourself in a position where you have to get XYZ done. For example, instead of waiting until you have the Power Point presentation done to schedule the webinar… schedule it today and announce to your list, so you then MUST get the presentation done.

2. Every project, task, milestone you work on should have a deadline.

Periodically throughout your workday, ask yourself… “does what I’m working on have a deadline”. If not, put one on it. If it’s not worthy of a deadline, dump it.

3. Only check your email 2x a day… and never before getting at least one hour of focused work done.

I try never to check my email before noon and then not again until 4PM.

4. Have the least amount of unscheduled time each day.

In other words, try to schedule every hour of your work day. This has been one of the most effective productivity tools for me personally.

5. Have productivity goals, along with your financial and business goals.

In other words, have goals for focused time and completion of tasks.

6. Have rewards at incremental stages of your goal achievement.

Far, far off goals tend NOT to motivate us. Close goals, that we can see, tend be a lot more motivational.

7. Pre-schedule repetitive tasks into your calendar in advance.

If there are certain things you do every week, they should get a permanent place in your calendar and they should be treated just like an important appointment.

8. Monitor the time it takes you to go from idea to implementation; and try to speed up the process.

9. Try to estimate the amount of time every task will take, then put it in your schedule with a start and stop time.

This will force to work faster and more efficiently. Think… the day before vacation.

10. Regularly consider the consequences of not doing something or of procrastination.

EXTRA! EXTRA! 12 Internet Gurus Bare All May 28th

05/27/2009 | 15 Comments

12 Internet Marketers Bare All

Imagine the scene…

…if 12 of the top internet marketing gurus stripped down to bare all.


Somehow I don’t think the internet marketing world would ever be the same again.

Fortunately, they all kept their clothes on… but bared it all during a rare, one-of-a-kind Teleseminar about how they each overcame their biggest business hurdle, obstacle or constraint and have since gone on to make millions online.

And, if you’re up for it, I want to invite you to listen-in to a one-time replay of this killer Teleseminar this Thursday night.

This is an ULTRA-RARE opportunity for you to learn from the struggles and frustrations of some of the biggest names in internet marketing.

And, even more important: it’s an opportunity for you to learn exactly what they each did to break-free from their constraint and overcome their obstacle… so you can follow in their footsteps in your own business.

Please keep in mind:

This is NOT your typical Teleseminar about traffic, conversions, PPC, CPA, or anything else like that.

I simply got 12 of the top online marketers on the phone and asked them 4 simple, yet profound questions:

QUESTION #1: What was your biggest constraint to your business?

QUESTION #2: How did you overcome that?

QUESTION #3: What was the quantifiable results of your solution?

QUESTION #4: What did you take away from it?

And, I think you’ll find, the answers they shared are some of the most profound content you’ll hear anywhere about REALLY being successful online.

If there’s anything you’re struggling with right now in your business, this Teleseminar should be a must for you.

When you’re done listening to this rare Teleseminar, you’ll understand how the top internet marketers were able to find and overcome their big obstacle, roadblock, or constraint – so you can do the same for yourself!

Click Here To Get Your Spot For The Replay

3 Tips To Help Guarantee Your Success In 2009

11/26/2008 | 90 Comments

Since we’re all going to be up to our ears in holiday stuff for the next 6 weeks or so, I thought we might just skip ahead to the new year’s resolution part…

Personally, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Because I get to look back on all the success of the previous 365 days and look forward in anticipation to the next 365.

Hopefully, you’ve had as good of a 2008 as Strategic Profits has. We’ve seen record-breaking growth–and 2009 looks to be even MORE promising.

And I hope you also have some big plans ahead of you for 2009. I can’t wait to show you what’s up our sleeve…it’s really going to exciting.(This will be the first place you’ll hear about it, so make sure you check back often.)

But like the title of the post says, there are a few things you can do to virtually guarantee your success in 2009. And no, they have nothing to do with buying a lottery ticket.

The secret to achieving the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle of your dreams is to actually DO it. Taking action is the most important part of any process, and the biggest player in your success…or your failure.

Because let’s face it–the following scenario has happened to all of us at one time or another.

It’s like this…

–The new year hits, and we come out of the gate firing on all cylinders.

–We’ve got tons of ideas, stacks of big plans, and we’re ready to take on the world.

–But then it happens.

–Real life sets in once again. Stuff gets in the way…projects get derailed…launches become sidetracked.

–And before you can sing another chorus of “Auld Lang Syne”, it’s April. And you haven’t done ONE thing yet.

Ouch. Sound familiar?

I know it does for me. I went through this cycle numerous times. And I’m absolutely certain that I’m millions of dollars poorer for it today.

But there are a few things you can do to avoid this trap. Here’s 3 tips that can help you get moving in the right direction…

1) Shut Up: How many times have we spouted off about our ideas, only to never see them come to fruition?

I used to love talking about my plans, ideas, and strategies. But then I realized something: I enjoyed talking about it more than I usually enjoyed actually rolling up my sleeves and doing it.

Now, I hold back that urge to talk. Instead I channel that energy towards the act of doing. This increases my desire to get started, which is usually all it takes.

2) Reduce Shelf Life: Have you ever noticed ideas are more like milk then they are like wine? It’s true–the longer an idea sits around, the more stinky and worthless it becomes.

Because if you let an idea sit in your head without being acted on, it becomes weaker and less promising.
After a few days the details get hazy…and after a week it’s forgotten completely.

That’s why we need to cut the time from idea to implementation. Act as soon as you can with whatever you have to begin with. Doesn’t matter whether it’s at the beginning, the middle, or the very end–just grab a piece of the puzzle and jump into it immediately.

If you start by making smaller decisions more quickly–without overanalyzing–you’ll gain momentum and REALLY start cranking away.

3. Dive In: I know it sounds simple, but when this is what it all boils down to.

If you need to write something, force yourself to sit down and write. Put pen to paper. Brainstorm. Doodle. By moving your hands you’ll stimulate the flow of ideas and inspire yourself.

If you need to create a video, sit down and start recording. Doesn’t matter what comes out, just as long as you press record and begin doing something. You’ll begin to see the possibilities.

Same goes with audio. Or product creation. Or whatever it is you’re trying to start on. Action must precede action, and the only way you’re going to see success with your project is to actually do something that moves you towards the final goal.

If you put these 3 things into practice, I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out a winner in 2009.

And by this time next year, instead of singing “Auld Lang Syne”…you’ll be singing “We’re In The Money…”

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

To Higher Profits,


P.S. Right now, I want you to think of 3 things you’re going to do to kick off the new year right…

I’m talking about actionable tasks that will jump start your next project and get it moving from idea to implementation.

Got ’em? Good–now write them down in comments below so everyone can see them.

Why? Because once they go from your head to actual words in a post, you’ll feel a stronger sense of commitment to getting them done.

Plus, they’ll be displayed in all their glory for every blog reader to see–including me.

Can you say “accountability”? 😉

So go do that now. And let’s take the first step towards your business achieving HUGE success in 2009!

The Rumors Are True: A New Report Is Coming…

08/28/2008 | 85 Comments

Okay, time to come clean…

It’s been rumored all over the internet, I’ve been teasing you about it for a while, and I’ve even let it slip in a few emails and blog posts.

But what you’re hearing is true–there’s a new report on the way.

Watch this video and see if it whets your appetite…

Now, I must tell you: this report is very unique from the others…

Because the previous reports only took me a few weeks, maybe a month at most to put together. All the info was upstairs–I just had to spill it out on paper.

But this one was totally the opposite. In fact, it’s been coming together, slowly but surely, for almost a year now.

See, I started noticing certain things about our business…certain “rules” that used to apply but don’t anymore.

And with each discovery, I would tuck it away in the back of my head, thinking “That’s something I need to change in my business right away and tell my blog readers about.”

But then something interesting happened. To put it into disc jockey lingo, “the hits just kept on comin’.”

As I went on, more and more discrepancies started popping up…significant differences in how things used to work and how they work now.

And we’re not talking about subtle changes. We’re talking MAJOR shifts in business building strategy.

These are died-in-the-wool principles and standards that are still revered as age-old gospel today…but in reality, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

So as the “back of my head” began to get a little overcrowded, I began jotting them down into my notes.

And before I knew it, I had the makings of a KILLER report.

Now, I knew I had to get all this down as quickly as possible in order to get the word out to thousands of entrepreneurs who were still following the old paths.

And to be honest, there was no way to get it done around the office. Too many distractions.

So I got away from it all–and I mean GOT AWAY–jetting to the remote wilderness of the Canadian North.

I spent the next 3 weeks with no phone line, no internet, and nothing to lure me from my task at hand.

And when I finally returned to Delray Beach (tired, unshaven, and resembling Grizzly Adams), I was completely tapped out mentally–but BURSTING at the seams to show everyone what I had on my laptop.

Right now, I’m still putting the final tweaks and edits on this baby (first draft came in at 380 pages but the final report will be slimed down to the best parts…talk about your mother of all brain dumps).

And the best part is, you’ll be the first to see it.

That’s correct–when I unleash this report on the world, everyone on my lists will be the first in line to get their hands on a copy.

I’ll send out an email with a link to the download page.

So if you’re NOT on one of my lists (and why aren’t you?) and you want to be among the first to see what all the fuss is about, then go here NOW and sign up immediately.

Our strict privacy policy keeps your email address
100% safe & secure.

Because what’s inside my newest free offering is unlike anything you’ve seen before. And it very well could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Don’t mean to scare you, but it’s true. In fact, some of these discoveries scared ME. Because I was buying into this baloney just like everyone else.

But I immediately put some processes in place to eliminate what was holding me back from doubling or even tripling my bottom line. And I began to move forward on the cusp of the most exciting trends to hit our marketplace since the web was born.

And it’s already paying off in a BIG way (more on that later).

So stay tuned…because pretty soon, things are going to get REALLY interesting around here.

Consider yourself warned. 😉

To Higher Profits,


P.S. As you’ll see in the video above, the report is only the tip of the iceberg…

In September, we’re going to change the way you do business online (and offline for that matter) with a system that’s going to blow everything else out of the water.

It’s true–everything you’ve learned so far, all the dusty old tactics and tired, beaten-to-death methods are history.

It’s a whole new world out there…one brimming with tremendous opportunity for unprecedented wealth, success, and freedom…and you’re going to be among the first to capitalize on it.

I can’t wait until you see what I’ve got for you. In the meantime, want to speculate?

Because you can in the comments below. Tell me what you think is inside this breakthrough new system, and I’ll give you the hot-warm-cold signs.

Go ahead–tell me what you’re thinking!