“No Task” Productivity System

Featuring Chris Mercer

Measurement expert, Chris Mercer, shares how he used old-school concepts like filing cabinets, folders, and planners to transform his teams productivity — freeing up nearly 70% of their time while cutting their stress in half.

Released: September 27, 2023
Runtime: 1 hr 16 min

Automate Your Agency With AI

Featuring Molly Mahoney

Social media and AI expert, Molly Mahoney, shares the specific AI tools and process she’s using to scale her marketing & content agency — while saving time, improving service quality, and avoiding burnout.

Released: September 22, 2023
Runtime: 1 hr 15 min

Payment Processing Profits

Featuring Brad Weimert

Founder of Easy Pay Direct, Brad Weimert, shares 4 simple best practices for increasing approval rates, eliminating chargebacks, lowing fees, preventing fund freezes, and reducing the odds that your merchant account gets shut down.

Released: September 20, 2023
Runtime: 57 min

The 1-Page Upsell For Coaches

Featuring Felicia Pagesh

Marketing strategist and consultant Felicia Pagesh shares how she increased AOV by $240 with a one-page upsell for a client’s live coaching offer.

Released: September 16, 2023
Runtime: 20 min

Making Mind-Blowing Products

Featuring Matt Bacak

Email marketing pioneer, Matt Bacak, shares his process for crafting info-products that blow customers’s minds — causing them to become loyal, repeat buyers.

Released: September 13, 2023
Runtime: 1 hr 19 min