51% SMS Opt-Ins W/ 1 Page Hack

Featuring Nick Unsworth

Top affiliate and Life on Fire CEO Nick Unsworth shares how to use a Thank You page tweak to boost SMS opt-in rates, improve deliverability and engagement, and drive more traffic to promos and events.

Released: June 21, 2024
Runtime: 0 min

Degen Scaling Ads To $40K/Day

Featuring Jordan Menard

Motif Digital CEO and expert media buyer Jordan Menard shares how to use “Degenerate Scaling” to scale to high daily ad spends in days while maintaining a low cost per acquisition.

Released: June 19, 2024
Runtime: 0 min

Auto Profit Bullet Campaigns

Featuring Todd Brown

OG internet marketer Todd Brown shares how to use evergreen Bullet email campaigns to monetize a list without burning out and keep revenue coming in between major launches.

Released: June 14, 2024
Runtime: 0 min

3-Stage TikTok Scaling Method

Featuring Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn, one of the first marketers to crack the code on TikTok advertising, shares his 3-stage scaling method for using TikTok's automation to boost targeting and ad cost efficiency, creating a steady supply of winning ads, and having a framework for profitable ad scaling.

Released: June 11, 2024
Runtime: 0 min

Twitter Leads For $15 A Day

Featuring Chris Orzechowski

Twitter/X expert Chris Orzechowski shares how to use his ad strategy to get leads at a low CPA, reach engaged users, and tap into an underutilized platform with low competition.

Released: June 8, 2024
Runtime: 0 min