Look At Relationships Like This And Your Business Will Grow – Daily Video 18 (Backup)

03/04/2011 | Comment

Hi, Rich Schefren here on my drive to the office. Now if you’re watching this that means that I was not able to get a video up from the Underground. So I’m making this video just in case. What I want to talk you about today is relationships and how every relationship that you have should be looked at as an opportunity to learn; an opportunity to learn more about that other person in the relationship or group of people in the relationships to maximize the leverage you get from that relationship. So in other words, it’s a reframe on how you look at relationships. If you were to look at relationships this way, I guarantee that you would make more progress faster than ever before. You see, when I am involved in any type of relationship whether it’s with employees, whether partners, whether my spouse or whether with my marketplace, I look at every interaction as an opportunity to learn something. Because let’s say I ask my staff to do something, if they do an amazing job, they get it done fast, well what was it about the way I asked or what I asked them to do that actually caused them to do that. Or if they do a horrible job, what did I say that made them do a horrible job. In other words, I’m always looking at the relationship because relationships provide immediate feedback. From this point forward, look at your relationships the same way. Look at every relationship as an ability for you to extract feedback in your performance of how you can maximize the benefit of that relationship. And the most important relationship that you need to spend more time than any other is your relationship with the marketplace. What has your relationship with the marketplace taught you? In other words, what have they bought and what don’t they buy? What do they talk about? What don’t they talk about? What seems to get them interested? What seems to bore them? The more that you can learn from your relationship with your market, the more successful you’ll be as a marketer. Therefore, the more successful you’ll be as an entrepreneur. So that’s today’s tip. Like I said, if you’re watching this then there was a problem and I made this just in case. Hopefully, tomorrow you’ll see me from Washington, D.C. and until then to higher profits and beyond. Schefren over and out..

The Rumors Are True: A New Report Is Coming…

08/28/2008 | 85 Comments

Okay, time to come clean…

It’s been rumored all over the internet, I’ve been teasing you about it for a while, and I’ve even let it slip in a few emails and blog posts.

But what you’re hearing is true–there’s a new report on the way.

Watch this video and see if it whets your appetite…

Now, I must tell you: this report is very unique from the others…

Because the previous reports only took me a few weeks, maybe a month at most to put together. All the info was upstairs–I just had to spill it out on paper.

But this one was totally the opposite. In fact, it’s been coming together, slowly but surely, for almost a year now.

See, I started noticing certain things about our business…certain “rules” that used to apply but don’t anymore.

And with each discovery, I would tuck it away in the back of my head, thinking “That’s something I need to change in my business right away and tell my blog readers about.”

But then something interesting happened. To put it into disc jockey lingo, “the hits just kept on comin’.”

As I went on, more and more discrepancies started popping up…significant differences in how things used to work and how they work now.

And we’re not talking about subtle changes. We’re talking MAJOR shifts in business building strategy.

These are died-in-the-wool principles and standards that are still revered as age-old gospel today…but in reality, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

So as the “back of my head” began to get a little overcrowded, I began jotting them down into my notes.

And before I knew it, I had the makings of a KILLER report.

Now, I knew I had to get all this down as quickly as possible in order to get the word out to thousands of entrepreneurs who were still following the old paths.

And to be honest, there was no way to get it done around the office. Too many distractions.

So I got away from it all–and I mean GOT AWAY–jetting to the remote wilderness of the Canadian North.

I spent the next 3 weeks with no phone line, no internet, and nothing to lure me from my task at hand.

And when I finally returned to Delray Beach (tired, unshaven, and resembling Grizzly Adams), I was completely tapped out mentally–but BURSTING at the seams to show everyone what I had on my laptop.

Right now, I’m still putting the final tweaks and edits on this baby (first draft came in at 380 pages but the final report will be slimed down to the best parts…talk about your mother of all brain dumps).

And the best part is, you’ll be the first to see it.

That’s correct–when I unleash this report on the world, everyone on my lists will be the first in line to get their hands on a copy.

I’ll send out an email with a link to the download page.

So if you’re NOT on one of my lists (and why aren’t you?) and you want to be among the first to see what all the fuss is about, then go here NOW and sign up immediately.

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Because what’s inside my newest free offering is unlike anything you’ve seen before. And it very well could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Don’t mean to scare you, but it’s true. In fact, some of these discoveries scared ME. Because I was buying into this baloney just like everyone else.

But I immediately put some processes in place to eliminate what was holding me back from doubling or even tripling my bottom line. And I began to move forward on the cusp of the most exciting trends to hit our marketplace since the web was born.

And it’s already paying off in a BIG way (more on that later).

So stay tuned…because pretty soon, things are going to get REALLY interesting around here.

Consider yourself warned. 😉

To Higher Profits,


P.S. As you’ll see in the video above, the report is only the tip of the iceberg…

In September, we’re going to change the way you do business online (and offline for that matter) with a system that’s going to blow everything else out of the water.

It’s true–everything you’ve learned so far, all the dusty old tactics and tired, beaten-to-death methods are history.

It’s a whole new world out there…one brimming with tremendous opportunity for unprecedented wealth, success, and freedom…and you’re going to be among the first to capitalize on it.

I can’t wait until you see what I’ve got for you. In the meantime, want to speculate?

Because you can in the comments below. Tell me what you think is inside this breakthrough new system, and I’ll give you the hot-warm-cold signs.

Go ahead–tell me what you’re thinking!