EXTRA! EXTRA! 12 Internet Gurus Bare All May 28th

05/27/2009 | 15 Comments

12 Internet Marketers Bare All

Imagine the scene…

…if 12 of the top internet marketing gurus stripped down to bare all.


Somehow I don’t think the internet marketing world would ever be the same again.

Fortunately, they all kept their clothes on… but bared it all during a rare, one-of-a-kind Teleseminar about how they each overcame their biggest business hurdle, obstacle or constraint and have since gone on to make millions online.

And, if you’re up for it, I want to invite you to listen-in to a one-time replay of this killer Teleseminar this Thursday night.

This is an ULTRA-RARE opportunity for you to learn from the struggles and frustrations of some of the biggest names in internet marketing.

And, even more important: it’s an opportunity for you to learn exactly what they each did to break-free from their constraint and overcome their obstacle… so you can follow in their footsteps in your own business.

Please keep in mind:

This is NOT your typical Teleseminar about traffic, conversions, PPC, CPA, or anything else like that.

I simply got 12 of the top online marketers on the phone and asked them 4 simple, yet profound questions:

QUESTION #1: What was your biggest constraint to your business?

QUESTION #2: How did you overcome that?

QUESTION #3: What was the quantifiable results of your solution?

QUESTION #4: What did you take away from it?

And, I think you’ll find, the answers they shared are some of the most profound content you’ll hear anywhere about REALLY being successful online.

If there’s anything you’re struggling with right now in your business, this Teleseminar should be a must for you.

When you’re done listening to this rare Teleseminar, you’ll understand how the top internet marketers were able to find and overcome their big obstacle, roadblock, or constraint – so you can do the same for yourself!

Click Here To Get Your Spot For The Replay

Get The Replay And Transcript Of My Jay Abraham Call Here

09/24/2008 | 46 Comments

Whew..what an incredible 90 minutes.

I just got off the phone with Jay Abraham, and I feel like I just went 15 rounds with Tyson in his prime.

Take a listen and see for yourself here

See, Jay describes his interview style as “ruthlessly benevolent”. And that’s an understatement.

This is a guy who doesn’t throw softballs. Every question comes at you with blazing speed and lots of curves. And this interview is no exception.

Because to put it bluntly, Jay is YOUR advocate here, not mine. He’s not doing this to make me look good. He’s doing this to help make your business a massive success.

So if you think this is a fluff piece, you’re dead wrong.

If you missed it, check out the replay here.

Inside this ground-breaking call, you’ll discover…

–How to maximize all the amazing opportunities that life affords you…

–How to find the most leverageable (and profitable) tools and mindsets in your industry…

–How to finally catapult past your constraints and get to the heart of the solution…

–How leverage is a lot like cholesterol (sounds weird, but this is mind-blowing analogy!)…

–Why you’re settling for less than you can achieve–and how you can eliminate this constraint forever…

–The secret constraints both Jay and Rich have struggled with…and how they overcame them.

–Jay’s “Indiana Jones School of Business” and how this metaphor can open up new worlds of opportunity for you…

–Why common sense doesn’t equate to common practice in your business (so simple, but so immensely powerful)…

–Do you watch things happen, make things happen, or let things happen to you? Jay reveals the answer…and it might surprise you!

All this, plus much more. Go here to listen NOW.

Jay’s insights on this call are brilliant.

He shows you how to turn a life of mediocrity into a life of making millions…

A life of no control into a life of total control…

And how to ultimately be liberated from the shackles of frustration and experience the freedom to move forward and become the success you’ve always dreamed you would be.

If that’s what you REALLY want, then don’t miss out on this chance to hear Jay hit me with tough, no-nonsense questions about my new GPS program.

I’ll be in the bathroom treating my bruises…

To Higher Profits,


P.S. In this call, you’ll finally get a sharp, clear view of my new GPS program, as I reveal the details of what’s inside.

This isn’t like any other coaching program you’ve ever been a part of–I guarantee it.

You’re going to get unprecedented access to me and my resources, along with every tool you need to destroy the constraints that hold you in captivity.

We’re talking in-depth, side-by-side personal interaction as we pick apart your business and transform it into a money-making machine that virtually runs itself and spews profits on command.

So don’t miss out on this call–listen NOW!