3 Tips To Help Guarantee Your Success In 2009

11/26/2008 | 90 Comments

Since we’re all going to be up to our ears in holiday stuff for the next 6 weeks or so, I thought we might just skip ahead to the new year’s resolution part…

Personally, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Because I get to look back on all the success of the previous 365 days and look forward in anticipation to the next 365.

Hopefully, you’ve had as good of a 2008 as Strategic Profits has. We’ve seen record-breaking growth–and 2009 looks to be even MORE promising.

And I hope you also have some big plans ahead of you for 2009. I can’t wait to show you what’s up our sleeve…it’s really going to exciting.(This will be the first place you’ll hear about it, so make sure you check back often.)

But like the title of the post says, there are a few things you can do to virtually guarantee your success in 2009. And no, they have nothing to do with buying a lottery ticket.

The secret to achieving the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle of your dreams is to actually DO it. Taking action is the most important part of any process, and the biggest player in your success…or your failure.

Because let’s face it–the following scenario has happened to all of us at one time or another.

It’s like this…

–The new year hits, and we come out of the gate firing on all cylinders.

–We’ve got tons of ideas, stacks of big plans, and we’re ready to take on the world.

–But then it happens.

–Real life sets in once again. Stuff gets in the way…projects get derailed…launches become sidetracked.

–And before you can sing another chorus of “Auld Lang Syne”, it’s April. And you haven’t done ONE thing yet.

Ouch. Sound familiar?

I know it does for me. I went through this cycle numerous times. And I’m absolutely certain that I’m millions of dollars poorer for it today.

But there are a few things you can do to avoid this trap. Here’s 3 tips that can help you get moving in the right direction…

1) Shut Up: How many times have we spouted off about our ideas, only to never see them come to fruition?

I used to love talking about my plans, ideas, and strategies. But then I realized something: I enjoyed talking about it more than I usually enjoyed actually rolling up my sleeves and doing it.

Now, I hold back that urge to talk. Instead I channel that energy towards the act of doing. This increases my desire to get started, which is usually all it takes.

2) Reduce Shelf Life: Have you ever noticed ideas are more like milk then they are like wine? It’s true–the longer an idea sits around, the more stinky and worthless it becomes.

Because if you let an idea sit in your head without being acted on, it becomes weaker and less promising.
After a few days the details get hazy…and after a week it’s forgotten completely.

That’s why we need to cut the time from idea to implementation. Act as soon as you can with whatever you have to begin with. Doesn’t matter whether it’s at the beginning, the middle, or the very end–just grab a piece of the puzzle and jump into it immediately.

If you start by making smaller decisions more quickly–without overanalyzing–you’ll gain momentum and REALLY start cranking away.

3. Dive In: I know it sounds simple, but when this is what it all boils down to.

If you need to write something, force yourself to sit down and write. Put pen to paper. Brainstorm. Doodle. By moving your hands you’ll stimulate the flow of ideas and inspire yourself.

If you need to create a video, sit down and start recording. Doesn’t matter what comes out, just as long as you press record and begin doing something. You’ll begin to see the possibilities.

Same goes with audio. Or product creation. Or whatever it is you’re trying to start on. Action must precede action, and the only way you’re going to see success with your project is to actually do something that moves you towards the final goal.

If you put these 3 things into practice, I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out a winner in 2009.

And by this time next year, instead of singing “Auld Lang Syne”…you’ll be singing “We’re In The Money…”

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

To Higher Profits,


P.S. Right now, I want you to think of 3 things you’re going to do to kick off the new year right…

I’m talking about actionable tasks that will jump start your next project and get it moving from idea to implementation.

Got ’em? Good–now write them down in comments below so everyone can see them.

Why? Because once they go from your head to actual words in a post, you’ll feel a stronger sense of commitment to getting them done.

Plus, they’ll be displayed in all their glory for every blog reader to see–including me.

Can you say “accountability”? ūüėČ

So go do that now. And let’s take the first step towards your business achieving HUGE success in 2009!