Analyzing Your Current Reality

11/17/2006 | 17 Comments

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well!

And I hope you’re implementing some (or hopefully MANY) ideas from my recent reports.

Now as you probably know by now, the launch was NOT what I expected.

As usual, I’m writing something up that I think you’ll find very interesting (which you can then turn into business profit).

I don’t want to go into detail here, but what I’m about to reveal will be something that you’ve never heard from a well know marketing personality.

It’s all about analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

And facing the current reality can be one of the biggest challenges that any business owner can have.

So for now, please review the Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter, and The Final Chapter.

If you study these documents carefully, especially the sections on planning and strategy, then you may be able to discern what’s coming. 😉

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. The main lesson in this post is that there are probably things in your business that you’re not “owning up to”. These might be problems or issues that you just don’t want to face. They must be addressed. Your profits will thank you for doing so.

Win A Trip To Meet Rich And Agora

10/23/2006 | 512 Comments

Hey Guys,

Tonight’s teleconference with Michael Masterson has already filled up. All 1,000 lines were reserved in JUST 90 minutes!

If you were one of the lucky few to get in, then I congratulate you and look forward to you joining us tonight.

And if you missed it, DON’T worry, we have some more calls lined up. Please don’t call the office and ask if you can sneak on, it’s not physically possible.

But to those of you that did get in… You’re NOT off the hook just yet. Registrations were coming in SO quickly we couldn’t turn the page off in time…

To be exact, we handed out 1061 registrations.

Please be sure to call in early so you ensure you don’t get booted. If you were lucky enough to get
registered in time, then you definitely DON’T want to miss this call.

Win A Trip To South Florida to Meet Rich and Agora

If you haven’t read the Final Chapter, here’s a damn good reason why you should.

And if you have read it..

You have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to grow your business to the next level.

What if I told you that I would PERSONALLY pick you up at the airport, in my Porsche, and let you rack my brain for an ENTIRE afternoon?

Imagine starting out at my office and my team and I brainstorming ideas on your business. Then taking off for a power lunch. Imagine heading over to Agora (the Early To Rise office) and their team spending the rest of the afternoon working hard to solve your biggest challenges.

Well, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to do.

If this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity, then I don’t know what is…So for one VERY LUCKY person, we’re going to foot the bill for this very exclusive trip.

How do you win? Follow these instructions.

1.) Click “Comment” Below

2.) Summarize why it’s critical that your business has a consistent series of back end offers and why it’s important that you build alliances within your marketplace.

The person who has the best summary will be chosen and notified that they’ve won.

Please don’t ask for more direction, we simply CANNOT answer all of your questions right now, as we’ve been swamped with inquires regarding the Final Chapter.

The winning entry will be based on merit, and not based on need. So keep your summary ON topic, and show us just how smart you really are.


P.S. Good luck with your summary, and don’t plan on packing tons of luggage… my Porsche can barely store two gallons of milk. 😉