The Business Growth System

03/13/2007 |

Hey Guys,

The program is called the “Business Growth System”.

I’ve invested the last two years of my life developing and refining the most results-driven coaching program for entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners as humanly possible.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this thing.

Some people have compared it to an MBA for business builders. It’s an engrossing experience that drenches you with the mindset necessary for building a company that can produce massive income streams, even allowing you to work less as you make more.

One of the most important aspects is that it gives you a complete foundation for running a successful company. After you’re finished with my program, you’ll be capable of running a million dollar operation without breaking a sweat.

My goal is to transform you into a business building master. Into an entrepreneur who knows how to leverage his or her time and energy in the most efficient way possible. Someone who knows how to quickly build scale into to an operation to allow for maximum profits in the shortest possible time. I want you to get projects off the ground and to completion in the blink of an eye. I want you to find and then focus the efforts of an all-star team to effectively execute your grand (and profitable) vision.

Oh, did I forget to mention cash flow?

In my program, I give you the blunt truth about what it takes to quickly ramp up cash so that you have the resources you need to quickly take your business to the next level. I take cash flow VERY seriously and you’ll learn the exact methods I’ve used (in several businesses) to get the money flowing into the company at break-neck speed.

All of this is delivered to you inside a cutting-edge online coaching system. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Not only do you get an entrepreneurial education second to none, but you get access to a library of resources that you will not find anywhere else.

In fact, some of the stuff that’s included as a bonus is sold elsewhere for several thousand bucks. And since I have built relationships with the publishers of these products, they’ve agreed to allow me to provide them to you as part of my program. Due to contractual agreements, I cannot tell you who they are, but let’s just say they are premier experts in their respective fields.

But that’s just a small part of what you’ll get as a member of my Business Growth System. Here’s what else you’ll get:

12 In-Depth Profit Modules – In these, I lay out step-by-step exactly what you must do to build an extremely profitable company. I’ve got to warn you. These modules are sometimes overwhelming for some people. I pour a significant amount of time and detail into each one. But by saturating you with my insights and experience I’m hoping to over communicate the points I feel are necessary for you to build a wildly successful company. Each month you’ll receive a new module to help you grow your business in a methodical and profitable manner.

12 Comprehensive Action Guides
– This is where you get to take what you’ve learned in the module and apply it. These guide books will assist you in implementing everything you learn directly into your life and into your business. This is where the rubber meets the road.

And that just about covers it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.

It’s Not Always About Trying Harder

08/21/2006 | 6 Comments

“The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.” – Bruce Lee

The past week was fantastic. In my elite coaching program I introduced my clients to their strengths using a test also used by Fortune 500 companies like Motorola, Microsoft, Intel, American Express, etc… I actually can’t wait until September when I can introduce my Business Growth System Members this amazing test and the powerful process they will go through.

What’s really interesting is for a few of my elite clients their test scores came back with the label “In Transition”. You see, many of these clients had been working incredibly hard with minimal results. And the test pointed out to them that they needed to stop what they were currently doing and regroup and then choose an alternative route.

The common theme for my “In Transition” clients was attempting to do many of the popular Internet money making strategies with no consideration of what they were good at, or what they enjoyed doing. As if their bank account wasn’t enough of a clue, now they were getting psychological proof that the methods they were trying were not going to lead to entrepreneurial success.

So what about you?

Is it getting easier or more difficult to increase your profits?

Are you working longer hours or less hours?

Remember, in business you don’t get an A for effort – it’s all about the results you are creating. And the easiest place to achieve spectacular results is where your strengths allow you to easily get them. And that’s why it is so very important to play to your strengths.

If you’ve been struggling in your business and it’s not getting any easier to produce the desired results that you want, it’s time to get real. That means take a good look at yourself and really considering whether or not you are following the right path for yourself.

If you are not on the right path – it’s time to stop what you are currently doing and begin your quest to find a business that plays to your strengths.

On a different note…

I have some very big announcements this week regarding bonuses for all of my clients. I wish I could tell you all now, but it’s only a few days away so mums the word for now.

How A Right Hand Can Double Your Business

03/20/2006 | Comment

As your business begins experiencing growth, it’s vital that you bring on a right-hand man (or woman) to help you in your quest for success.

The sooner the better, because when your business is expanding, it’s difficult to take time out to train another person for tasks you need to delegate.

Still, you can’t just bring anyone into the equation. You need to make sure they have the same passion for your business and ideas that you do. How do you achieve that? By compensating them based on their performance or by giving them a percentage of the sales.

1 Use Performance Incentives

Incentives go a long way in motivating any staff, but with an assistant who works closely with you to realize the ultimate goals of the company, it’s even more effective as a benefit and reward.

You have to be willing to put all of your trust into this person. You don’t want to worry about what they’ll do or how they’ll go about something. They should always strive to make your company look good in the eyes of your customers and business associates.

The type of person you want to hire on as a right hand man or woman will be highly motivated and able to handle their tasks with minimal input from you once they’ve been instructed on how to do something.

The person should be willing to learn new ideas – and eager to take on more responsibilities in the company. Don’t hire anyone who sits back waiting for an opportunity, or who scoffs at the idea of having to do more work.

2 Motivate Them With Vision

Your goal is to get them excited about the business – help them recognize the possibilities so that they actively work with you on accomplishing everything the business needs to grow and succeed.

Someone once said that hiring the perfect right hand man is like finding the right suit – they have to fit in just right with the company or else you’ll feel uncomfortable allowing them to handle certain responsibilities.

In a best-case scenario, the right hand man should be able to fill your shoes in any situation – without missing a beat. But this doesn’t mean you have to look for someone exactly like you – in fact, it’s better if his talents and skills complement your own – skills he possesses, you lack, and vice versa.

You have to be careful not to hire someone whose only goal is to replace you within the company… or steal your idea to launch his own business. His loyalty to you should be paramount.

If there are other employees within the company, make sure you hire someone who earns the respect of the others. You can’t have a right hand man who treats your staff with disrespect.

3 Be Very Selective

You may have to go through several assistants before finding the right fit. You’ll realize that not everyone has what it takes to stand in such an important position. When you do find the person, you’ll know it – because you’ll instantly feel a sense of relief that your business is on the right track to success.

After finding the right person, the two of you will work in sync to help the business experience growth. Having a right hand man will free up your time so that you can focus on more important tasks.

If he’s good enough at what he does, then you can double up on tactics that show promise in your company’s financial future. If you’re both good copywriters, then you can double the amount of high-converting content you write.

If sales are your forte, but he’s better at customer service, then divvy up the responsibility for the betterment of the business. You can constantly assess both you and your assistant’s capabilities and leverage each of your skills to their maximum potential.