My Wife Caught With Her Pants Down

03/05/2009 | 8 Comments

I sent this email out the other day. Since I got so much positive feedback, I figured I would post it here too.

Back in the day, Debi and I lived in Manhattan.

Traffic is always a nightmare in the city.  So, if we were
going someplace close, we almost always went on
rollerblades.  It was fantastic because we’d weave
through traffic, go down one-way streets in the
opposite direction and hop on sidewalks in a mad dash
to our destination.

But ever since we moved to sunny Boca Raton, Florida,
our blades have been gathering dust.

This weekend, we decided to break out the blades and
have some fun as a family.  But before we hit the streets,
Debi and I took our girls, Ava and Elle, to Sports Authority
Saturday morning to get them roller-skates.

We found the perfect skates, protective wrist guards, and
slick helmets.  Both Ava and Elle decided to wear their
skates out of the store so we put their sneakers in the
boxes and carried all the boxes to the register.

On the way to the front, Elle our four-year old lost her
balance and grabbed onto Debi’s sweat pants.  But, they
weren’t tied so in a split second Debi’s pants were down
by her ankles.

So, there she was laughing, boxes in hand and pants at
her ankles.

I quickly put my boxes down, pulled her pants up and got
Elle back on her feet.

And, in that moment I remembered why I fell in love with

She didn’t panic, she didn’t scream, she just laughed at
the situation she found herself in.

And in that episode, she also displayed one of the key
entrepreneurial success traits that many online marketers
seem to lack – Autonomy.

You see, Debi doesn’t really care what others might think.
And this perspective is crucial if you want to succeed in
business today. Bottom line, if you are too concerned about
what other people might think you’ll end up paralyzed by fear.

So, what about you?

Do you laugh when you’re caught with your pants down?
Or, do you panic and worry about what others might think?

Your answer is a bigger predictor of your success than you
might imagine.

Remember this:  You must be emotionally free before you’ll
ever get financially free.

More over, think about where you might be hitting a snag
emotionally and you’ll most likely find the anchor that’s
holding you back financially.

And that my friend, is what you must cast aside on your
journey to success.


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