My Online Business: What To Do Today…

01/19/2010 | 24 Comments

If your entrepreneurial life isn’t what you want it to be, you might be suffering from Intention Deficit Disorder.”

Intention Deficit Disorder occurs when you have no real clarity about WHAT result you intend to produce and (even more importantly) WHY you want to produce it.

You see, many internet entrepreneurs spend all their time searching wildly for “how to” advice, yet neglect strengthening their “want to.” And that, my friend, is a big mistake.

Because when you’ve got your WANT TO tweaked and fully torqued, you’ll always find the HOW TO.

Think about this… My daughter Ava is seven years old. She’s relatively a neat little girl. But what if she wasn’t? Let’s just say her room was always messy. It would never occur to me to send her to a seminar on “how to clean her room.” The reason is the “how to” isn’t missing… the “want to” is missing.


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