My Online Business: What To Do Today…

If your entrepreneurial life isn’t what you want it to be, you might be suffering from Intention Deficit Disorder.”

Intention Deficit Disorder occurs when you have no real clarity about WHAT result you intend to produce and (even more importantly) WHY you want to produce it.

You see, many internet entrepreneurs spend all their time searching wildly for “how to” advice, yet neglect strengthening their “want to.” And that, my friend, is a big mistake.

Because when you’ve got your WANT TO tweaked and fully torqued, you’ll always find the HOW TO.

Think about this… My daughter Ava is seven years old. She’s relatively a neat little girl. But what if she wasn’t? Let’s just say her room was always messy. It would never occur to me to send her to a seminar on “how to clean her room.” The reason is the “how to” isn’t missing… the “want to” is missing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Knowing how to do what it is you want to get done is important. But succeeding in business requires a strong intention to succeed. That’s why you must have both the how to and the want to to succeed.

The “want to” is often the most important component of your success, especially when it’s missing. Because to succeed at anything you have to want it. But most new entrepreneurs overlook this simple fact. And when they are confronted with the fact that their actions suggest they don’t want to succeed they often get depressed and lose hope. They start believing there is something wrong with them.

But there is nothing wrong with them. All they need is to tune-up their level of desire. Anyone can do it. And everyone needs to do it from time to time. Because the desire to succeed isn’t a permanent thing. Desire and intention are living, growing, ever-changing energy sources inside you. And with practice you can learn to continuously grow them to any degree you desire.

So, if there’s a level of business success that you want but do not have, then the first place to look for it is in your deepest self.

Why do you want this business to succeed?

What good things will it do for you?

If you don’t have great answers to the above two questions, you’re better off taking the day off today, go for a long walk and come up with as many answers as you can to “Why do I want this to succeed?”  You answer should be a list of benefits that’ll accrue to you and your family by you succeeding in your business.

Once you’ve strengthened your resolve by clearly identifying all the benefits you desperately want, there’s just one more step to make today an awesome business building day. And that’s to answer this simple question…

What’s my intention today?

I’d love to know your answer to that question as it relates to your business. And you’ll benefit (more than you realize) by making a public declaration of what you’ll proactively create today. And to be clear – we’re not talking about a to-do list here. We’re talking about one or two outcomes that move you closer to business success.

To get this conversation started – I’ll share mine with you today. I’m writing this today in San Diego. I flew here to help Brian Tracy International with their online business strategy. So the outcome I’m committed to achieving today is this: To help Brian Tracy and his team (1) clarify their online objectives and then (2) help them create the best plan to achieve them online. That’s what I’m committed to achieving today. Now, it’s your turn…

So tell me… What outcomes are you committed to achieving today?