Pick The Brains Of Others To Grow Your Business – Daily Video 17

03/02/2011 | Comment

Hi, Rich Schefren here and today I want to talk to you about maximizing your ability to pick the brains of others. In other words, to derive as much benefit as you can from the conversations that you have with others. You know, this really stems back down to being curious and always staying curious and always looking for the opportunity to take someone else’s experience and apply it to your own life. So for example, if I’m talking to someone and they’re doing really well in PayPerClick then I’m asking them well why do they think they’re doing so well? What did they do to cause that? In other words, I’m investing myself more in the conversation, but at the same time, I’m trying to understand from them what they think they did that made all the difference? I do that consistently in every area of my life. One I guess just because I’m a curious person. The entrepreneurs that I know that are the most successful tend to be the most curious. And it doesn’t matter the context. You know I’m asking my family members the same types of questions. I also when I step into a cab, I also I say how’s the business? Is it busy? Is it slow? Or is it busy on nights like this that it’s raining; whatever just happens to kind of spark into my mind? And it always ends up helping me become a better business owner and helping me make better decisions. You never know where the next insight is going to come from. So, who could you pick the brain of today? Who could you talk to that maybe if you just got a little bit more curious you might extract nuggets of gold from that conversation? Then go ahead and reach out, talk to that person and see what happens. I’m actually on my way right now to the airport. I’m heading to Washington, D.C. for Yannick Silver’s Underground. And so tomorrow I won’t be driving to the office but I’ll be rolling out of bed and making a video for you. So tomorrow it’ll be from Washington, D.C., my hotel room, but I hope this drive was profitable for you. I know it was for me. Until tomorrow, to higher profits and beyond. Schefren over and out.