Your Motivations Making You A Better or Worse Entrepreneur? – Daily Video 20

03/07/2011 | Comment

Hi, Rich Schefren here and it’s not a drive to the office today because there’s the office right there. But what I have to share with you is so critical, so important, I believe it’s one of the most important aspects of your entrepreneurial career. But before I get to that, let me tell you that I’m super excited to be back. It’s so nice to be back in sunny Florida talking to you and giving you the advice, strategies and tips you need to grow the business that you desire and to be the best entrepreneur that you can be. So what is this difference and what is this critical thing that I want to share with you today? Well the critical thing is what is it that you want to do? What impact is it that you want to have? You see, at Strategic Profits, we want to make entrepreneurial success more sure. We want to make it simpler to succeed in business. And so we help entrepreneurs grow their businesses online and we help opportunity seekers become the best entrepreneurs they can be. You see, what I saw at the seminar all this weekend were entrepreneurs who were not thinking about the impact that they wanted to have, not the difference that they wanted to make for their clients and customers. Instead, they were thinking about themselves. They were thinking about what they wanted to be as opposed to what they wanted to do. What they wanted to be was rich, or what they wanted to be was successful. And it’s those underlying motivations that cause you to make lots of mistakes in your entrepreneurial career. You see, when you want to be rich or you want to have a big business, you generally jump from opportunity to opportunity. You see that there is a demand for a product so you quickly create one without any regard to whether it’s going to be a great product and whether it’s really going to help your clients get the ultimate outcome that you’re fully invested in getting them. I think that’s a mistake. In fact, I know it is because I’ve seen time after time, time after time, entrepreneurs who are guided by the wrong motivations actually make mistake after mistake and go down blind alleyway and blind alleyway. So what about you? What is the impact you want to have on your customers? What is the impact that you want to have on the world? You see, Steve Jobs – he wanted to put a dent in the universe. Bill Gates wanted to put a laptop or computer on every desktop. You see, ultimately, it is the impact that you want to have that will help you define the purpose of your business; help you stay focused on the few things that matter and help you make the most amount progress, the most amount of profits and be the absolute best entrepreneur that you can be. So that’s the tip for today. I’m going to run upstairs. I’ve got a meeting right now. I’ll see you tomorrow on the drive to the office. Schefren over and out. To higher profits and beyond..