The Most Effective Way To Grab Attention

I have a confession to make–I LOVE picking up the check.

That’s one of the perks of being a guru. Whenever you’re having dinner or drinks with friends or clients, you’re always able to take care of the tab without worry.

In fact, most of my guru pals are the same way. Sometimes we nearly get into a scuffle trying to decide who’s paying the bill!

So why am I making this confession?

Because today, I am picking up the check for you. And it’s not dinner you’re getting…oh no, it’s something MUCH bigger.

Let me explain…

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, you know I’ve built my empire company to it’s current size by giving great information away for free.

This is simply the most effective way to grab your market’s attention. Connect with them on a deeper, personal level. Gain respect from your buyers. And break through to an audience whose attention is being pulled in 1000 directions.

Now, I can’t say this was always a popular strategy. In fact, when I started giving away great content over 3 years ago more than one so-called guru sneered, rolled their eyes, and said…

You’re crazy, you should be charging for the Internet Business Manifesto, you won’t see me giving away my great content. You’re outta your tree, Schefren.

But the truth is, this approach not only works, it’s arguably the biggest trend in online marketing right now.

Just look around…mega-marketers like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Eben Pagan, and many more are following the same trail I’ve blazed–and they’re making millions of dollars in profits along the way.

And I must admit–I’m beaming with pride. Because some were my students. And to see them making their dreams come true by following in my footsteps puts a huge smile on my face.

So what does this have to do with me picking up the check? It’s very simple actually.

I feel a great debt of gratitude towards those who have followed my non-conventional teachings and have made their mark in the business world. And I want to give something back.

Listen closely, because here’s how I’m going to do it…

A while back, I spoke at Mike Filsaime’s 7 Figure Code event along with an A-list group of gurus. It cost $5,000 to get inside, and the information was STELLAR to say the least.

Then Mike took the recordings and turned them into a powerhouse package of DVDs, selling over 3,000 copies for $1297.

Recently, Mike hired a $25,000 copywriter to pull only the juiciest, most content-rich chunks from those DVDs and condense them into a no-fluff, 84 page report.

And on Thursday, June 5th, he’s giving that report to you–in actual spiral bound, hold-it-in-your-hands-and-read-it format–for free.

But that’s not ALL he’s handing you…

Mike’s going to throw in the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript as well, which turned the Internet marketing community on its ear when it was released…

…along with 18 full-color process maps detailing mind-blowing business strategies from Mike, Stephen Pierce, myself and a host of others. (which came out of my office – but that’s a story for another day)

Oh, and he’s not charging even one more penny for any of this either.

Now, you gotta admit–that’s a BUNCH of stuff coming to your mailbox. Which means the cost of postage is going to be more than your typical stamp.

So to offset that cost, Mike is going to ask for a small shipping and handling charge of $7.95. (US)

Nothing major. Most people can handle this, right?

Well before you reach for your credit card or login to your PayPal account, stop.

Because it’s already been taken care of.

That’s correct–I’m going to personally pay for your shipping and handling on all of Mike’s materials that are coming your way.

It’s my way of saying thanks to everyone who’s taken action and followed my lead… by giving away the farm now in order to reap greater rewards later.

(And I just want to do a little something special for all my readers and clients.)

Now, before we go any further, there’s one small favor I want to ask today…

It’s not a requirement, but if you could send me a quick testimonial on how some tidbit of information I’ve given you for free–whether it was from a report, blog post, or something else–that changed your business and your life for the better, I would appreciate it.

It can be in email form, audio, video… whatever you want. I’d just love to see it. Just send it to:

kristen [at]


Cool. So here’s what comes next…

  1. If you’re on my email list, just sit tight. You’ll receive an email with a special code that will allow me to pay for your shipping and handling on Mike’s complimentary package. Simply follow the instructions inside and you’re good to go.
  2. If you’re NOT on my list, opt-in on the green form above and become part of the Strategic Profits family. You’ll get an ongoing business-building and marketing education at no charge. Once you do, you’ll receive your special code very soon.

One more thing–this code is unique to you and will only work once. So please don’t forward it (once you receive it) or give it away…agreed? We will only be refunding shipping for the people who are attached to the code we will be sending.

Great. Look for the email and we’ll talk more soon…


P.S. While it’s true that giving some of your best material away for free is a major trend in our business today…there’s another even bigger trend just beyond the horizon.

Can’t say what it is right now, but over the summer we’ll be releasing more details.

And come September, everything you know about building a multi-million dollar Internet empire will change in the blink of an eye.

Don’t believe me? Neither did all the naysayers who told me years ago that I was crazy for handing over the keys to the vault.

If you have a friend that would like to take advantage of this major opportunity, send them here right away.