Are You A Dreamer…Or A Doer?

When I’m talking with budding entrepreneurs who have visions of running their own online or offline business, I always seem to hear the same thing:

“I know what I need to do, Rich…I just need to get off my butt and actually do it”.

But unfortunately, we all know what happens. Most never take the next step, and eventually give up on their dreams altogether.

Sound familiar? It does to me…

Believe it or not, when I was first starting out in the business, I had a hard time taking action.

Yes, I was enthusiastic. Yes, I was educated. Yes, I had the skills and the tools to get it done.

But for some reason, I couldn’t take that first step. It was like my feet were virtually magnetized to the floor!

Of course, I eventually found ways to get over the hump and actually put my plans into action. And guess what? Success quickly followed.

So over the years, I’ve been shaping and refining those action-taking tactics…getting them down to a science…and creating a system that will shove those fence-sitters off the top rail and easily get them moving in the right direction.

But if you think I’m trying to sell you something here, think again…

Because even though this system is worth hundreds– maybe even thousands–of dollars, I’ve decided not to package it up and put it on the market.

No–I’m going to practice what I’ve been preaching here…

…I’m giving it away.

Over the next few weeks, this blog will become Action- Taking Central, with a full blown how-to course on getting your business in gear and actually doing it instead of talking about it.

We’ll cover all the angles, from getting into the “action habit” to ditching perfectionism once and for all to my own personal step-by-step plan for getting the ball rolling.

If you’ve ever been more of a dreamer than a doer, I urge you to bookmark this page and check it every day…

Because I’m not only going to hand you the roadmap to success–I’m going to SHOW you how to get up, get moving, and get your business off the ground.

You ready?

To Higher Profits,


P.S. One more thing I want to drop in here…

Everyone at Strategic Profits is feverishly working on something that’s truly going to change the way people do business on the internet.

Can’t go into anything else more specific now, but keep checking this blog. Because we’ll be releasing some exclusive insider peeks along the way.

Gotta tell you–I’m more pumped up about this than I have been for quite a while–and I think you will be too once you see what we’re developing.

Stay tuned…