Growing Credibility = Growing Profits (Part 5)

Prospects… your business shrivels up without them.

But, even when you got them… odds are high they’re thinking  (excuse my french) “Bullshit” when they look at you and your offers.

In other words…


And that’s a big problem.  Because skepticism plummets conversion rates.

Often it’s the biggest barrier to climb transforming prospects into clients.

And online — if you’re not trusted you don’t get wealthy.

But, have no fear… because if you’re struggling with skepticism, here’s…


And the solution is leveraging credibility devices for all they’re worth.

Now, in recent posts… I’ve already given you 16 credibility devices.

Just to jog your memory, here’s a quick rundown.

In post numero uno, we covered:

1 – The Powerful Demonstration
2 – Results In Advance
3 – Marquee Clients
4 – Track Record
5 – Powerful Associations
6 – Unique Mechanism

You can find out how to leverage these credibility devices here:  Marketing An Online Business? Step #1 – Create Credibility

In our second post, we covered:

7 – Displays Of Knowledge
8 – Personal Endorsement
9 – Case Histories
10 – The Sinatra Test

You can read about leveraging these here: Marketing An Online Business? Step #2 – Boost Believability

In our third post , we covered

11 – Innovation & Being On The Cutting Edge
12 – Leveraging Research & Studies

I break down them down for you here:  Marketing An Online Business? Step #3 – Pile On The Proof!

In our fourth post , we covered

13 – Media Mentions
14 – Leveraging Social Proof
15 – Being A Specialist
16 – Client Contests

They’re yours for the taking – just go here:  Marketing An Online Business With Credibility… Believability… And Proof!!! (part 4)

Alright, now that we’ve covered where we’ve been – it’s time to add more ammunition to your credibility arsenal.

Here’s my beach office view as I settle in and put these powerful proof elements at your feet…

beach credibility

With a view like this – it’s hard not to be inspired to give you my all.

So… here it goes…

Leveraging Success Of The Method

What It Is: Proving the validity and power of what you are offering (you’re solution).

This is an easy way to establish greater credibility when you’ve got little of your own to leverage.

Why It’s Powerful: While your prospects might not believe you (yet), they desperately desire finding a solution they can believe in.   So when you can prove the validity of the solution you’re offering you increase your credibility by association.

Example: If you’re selling a business coaching program you can cite famous entrepreneurs and CEO’s who’ve used coaching.  You can cite studies (if you find them) about the difference coaching makes on the probability of success. You can cite research showing the biggest causes for business failure and show how coaching inoculates entrepreneurs from them. Etc…

If you’re selling an eBook on dog training – you can cite the number of dog owners who successfully train their dogs without a dog trainer. Y ou can share stories of dog owners who successfully trained their dogs.  You can cite the research showing that dogs who are trained become loving members of the family and those who aren’t are often taken to a dog shelter. Etc…

How To Do It: This requires research – but it isn’t difficult.  Think about the method your products or services are based on.  Then set out to find everything you can about the method itself.  Next, think through the problems your prospects are experiencing and look for anything you can find that shows the methods you use to solve those problems.  See if you can find any stories about famous people using the method.  Then crystallize everything you found in a compelling way that proves your case.

Awards & Spotlights

What It Is: Sharing any related awards you or your company has received.

Why It’s Powerful: If industry insiders respect you – then it’s a small step to believing you’ve really got the goods.  It gives your prospects a shortcut to believing you because others have already done the hard work of sifting through your story and your accomplishments.

Example: Jeez, there are so many I could show you – but here’s the easiest one.  It’s from Early To Rise, when they honored me by awarding me Marketer Of The Year back in 2007.

Marketer Of The Year

Now, while I received this award just by doing my thing… you  don’t have to wait for someone to notice you… instead you can actively search out awards.

How To Do It: Awards are being giving out all the time online.  Just head over to Google and do some searching. There are blog awards, website awards, industry awards, etc…

And if you’ve got a good blog and nobody is ranking the top blogs in your niche – why don’t you think about starting an award for best blogs in your niche.  Just contact some of the other bloggers in your space and figure out a way to get everyone in on the party.  Possibly make it a rule that no one can vote for themselves and see where that takes you.

Certifications & Degrees

What It Is: Sharing accomplishments that help establish you’re an expert in your area… or that you’re just a smart person.

Why It’s Powerful: We tend to grant others expert-status or increased intelligence when they’ve got the background to support it.

Example: I don’t talk about it much… but here at Strategic Profits we’ve got a couple of Harvard alumns.  I only spent a semester there, but Brian got his degree there.  Hey, maybe that’s why I don’t mention it… cause Brian has me beat in this area (smile).  But for those who don’t know my track record, or any of my other accomplishments, this can be a powerful credibility enhancer.

Another example comes from my time in the hypnosis business.  While there was no licensing requirements in NY state, all of our hypnotists were certified by the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, and we actually became an approved training facility too.  This increased our perceived expertise and put many of our prospects at ease because they were dealing with professionals.

How To Do It: Have you taken any courses, gone to any prestigious schools, or been certified in anything that helps prove to prospects you know your stuff?  If so, don’t keep them to yourself – let the world know about it.  And if you’re coming up short – think about what type of training or certification would add to your chops.

For example, I know quite a few marketers who took Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager course so they could get more marketing clients.  And from what I’m hearing many are getting clients based on their certification.

Arming Affiliates & JV-Partners
With Credibility Boosting Content & Messaging

What It Is: Giving your affiliates and jv-partners swipe copy that not only sells your products and services but also extols your expertise in the process.

Why It’s Powerful: When you say positive things about yourself – it’s suspect and comes off as bragging.  But when others give you accolades it comes off believable.

Example: I used this method extensively in my first few launches. The way I saw it – it was a shrewd decision.  It not only helped make sales for my affiliates, it also quickly educated the entire marketplace of my accomplishments – because affiliates and JV-partners were mailing a large number of prospects.  This way even those who didn’t buy were exposed to my story.

Here’s a screen shot of the pop-up that was awaiting every 1shoppingcart user back from my very first launch…


And almost every email sent out promoting my reports or my programs had within it a credibility piece about me or Strategic Profits.

How To Do It: Before your next affiliate or JV deal – take some time to think through what you’d like the world to know about you that will also reinforce the sales message your partners will be broadcasting.   I’m amazed more marketers don’t realize the power of having your partners position you and extol your accomplishments.  It can be incredibly powerful – so spend the time it takes to really make it tight, packing a wallop of proof in a small space.

Then every time you do a deal – you’ve expanded your credibility.

Displays of Honesty & Integrity

What It Is: Admit a mistake, flaw or lapse in judgment that shows you’re human but then immediately make up for it.

Why It’s Powerful: It’s disarming when a marketer tells the truth about something most would rather sweep under the carpet.  It makes everything else you claim have a greater ring of truth to it.

Example: Back in February of 2007 when we did our first free live web-stream from a seminar, I dropped the ball.  I planned on presenting new groundbreaking information – but instead ended up giving a presentation I had given many times.  If you’re curious why – you can read all about it in the original blog post where I apologized.  Here’s the post – An Unintended Lesson In Business.

After admitting my mistake, I immediately made good by recording the presentation I was planning on giving and let everyone access it for free.  And, in the process, showed while I do make mistakes… I’m quick to take responsibility for them and to make things right.

How To Do It: Next time you make a mistake… think about how you might be able to turn it into a win for you and your prospects.  Instead of hiding and retreating… stand tall, admit it, and make things right.

Your Results In Aggregate

What It Is: While sharing personal stories, case-studies, and testimonials are powerful… grouping the grand total of them all often packs a powerful proof punch.

Why It’s Powerful: When you sum up all the successes of your clients, often it’s surprising what you come up with.  You end up with an incredible proof for your products and services.  If you teach marketing or business growth (like I do) then you might aggregate the total sales increases, or the total sales of your clients.  If you sell dog training – how many happy dog owners have you helped?  If you’re an interior designer how many rooms have you transformed? Etc…

Example: Here’s an example from the sales letter for our Business Acceleration Program…

Credibility And Proof Of BAP

See the bio?  Doesn’t it sound impressive that my clients were “raking in more than $500 million every year — and piling up more than $1 billion in sales every two years?”

I haven’t totaled the amount recently – but I’m sure it’d be a lot more.  But the point is this:  everything sounds more impressive in aggregate.

How To Do It: Look at all the clients you have – is there an interesting aggregate number you can come up with?  Or how about your entire email list?  Couldn’t you make the claim that everyone on your list relies on you and your company for advice in your area?  If you’re list has 50,000 prospects on it and you sell dog training… couldn’t you say 50,000 dog owners rely on your advice for having a well-behaved dog?

Bottom line – think creatively about your business, your clients, your prospects and see if you can come up with a magic number in aggregate.

Gosh Darn It… Where Does The Time Go?

I just checked my watch… I’ve got to boogie to the office if I am going to get this post up before our daily meeting.

And I thought I’d wrap up credibility today – but I didn’t.

Here’s what’s on deck for tomorrow at 10:00 am…

  • Referrals
  • Powerful Guarantees
  • Graphs, Charts, And Visuals
  • A Company Credo
  • Specificity
  • The Halo Effect
  • Being Congruent

Plus (if there’s time) I’ll also tell you what I’ve been up to – and why I took a break from blogging.

But before you go…


I’ve got 2 quick question for you…

  1. What’s your favorite way to establish credibility?
  2. What questions do you have about using these or any of the others we’ve already covered?


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To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren


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