On My iPhone @ The Fountainebleau Hotel

Today I’m writing this post from the lobby of the fountainebleau hotel.

Yep that’s right… I’m not at the beach instead I’m in South Beach… at one of the many exclusive resorts that populate the coastline down here.

And believe it or not I’m having more difficulties than you might imagine.

Why? Because I was silly enough to think that this billion dollar property would have a wireless internet connection I could pay for. But they don’t. So I’m forced to write this post on my iPhone instead of my laptop.

No big deal I guess… Or is it?

On the one hand I’m not a guest of the hotel. I’m not paying their inflated prices for a room.

But, even if I was… I’d still have to pay for a wireless connection.

The fact that I’m not staying here though makes it impossible for me to buy a day pass on their wifi. I just asked the concierge and that’s what they told me.

I’m not bringing this up to bash the hotel. In fact, it’s quite beautiful here.

At the bottom of this post I’ve uploaded two photos… One is a view of the pool. The other is the view from my seat in the lobby.

So, as you can see the place is pretty nice. But still no wireless.

All this reminds me of The Attention Age Doctrine 2 and what I wrote about the way you view your propsects. In the doctrine I said “you’re prospects are no longer targets… they’re the most powerful sales channel you have (because of social media).”

And that’s what old world marketers (and this hotel) doesn’t fully understand yet. That today, because of the immense power of social media, everybody has a voice that can be heard around the world.

Because my fingers are starting to cramp I’ll cut to the chase…

Today I’d like you to think about this…

what you would do differently if you really saw your prospects as your best sales-channel?

On Monday I’ll tell you my answer. We’ll also finish up our series on credibility and proof.

Till then….

To higher profits and beyond,
Rich Schefren