Building Credibility… Boost Business Profits, And… Light The Fuse For Massive Amounts Of FREE TRAFFIC!

  • Multiplies prospects and clients faster than fruit-flies…
  • Leverages the law of reciprocity to get prospects to do your bidding…
  • Gets more targeted FREE traffic than any other tactic…
  • Floods your sites and lists with prospects who trust you (in advance)…
  • And MORE!

Pay careful attention… because in this post I’m going to share a single method that’ll build your credibility, grow your business profits, and bring your hordes of free traffic.

But before I jump into the details – let me tell you something about my grandfather (it’s crucial to leveraging this tactic).

You see, the best advice my grandfather gave me was…

“Rich, you’ll go through your entire life with your name, so… never do anything that’ll…

Damage It… Disgrace It… Or Dishonor it!

He died a decade before the Internet was born, but his words are even truer today than ever before.

To this day,  I’ve done my best to  live up to his standard — I hope you do too!

Because all the credibility tools in the world won’t counter a tarnished reputation.

On the other hand, living a squeaky clean life  isn’t enough to get your prospect’s believing in you.

Which is why we’ve been focusing on credibility devices. And this here is the sixth post on growing you profits by growing your credibility.

Just in case you’ve missed the 22 powerful strategies we’ve already covered – here are links to the previous posts in the series…

Alight, with that out of the way – let’s take the conversation even further.

But before I do… Here’s the stunning sight from my beach office this morning…

You know, one of these days I need to talk to you having your own inspiring place to create – but that’s a topic for another day.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah… growing your credibility to grow profits.

Picking up where we left off…


What It Is: Getting your clients, prospects and partners to send you like minded individuals.

Why It’s Powerful: It’s a proven fact that a referred prospect is more likely to engage… more like to buy… and spends more than prospects from any other channel. It should be obvious why.

There’s a level of associated trust. So, if you trust me, and I tell you to trust Joe… your relationship with Joe starts out with more trust than it otherwise would.

Example: One of the easiest ways to foster a flurry of referrals is to ask for them.

But as simple as that seems – many entrepreneurs and marketer simply don’t ask.  And that’s insane!

Now, one of the best times to ask for a referral is when you’ve just done something or given something to the person you’re going to ask.

This leverages the law of reciprocity. Because we have a psychological desire to do things for people who do things for us.

Even better yet – is when you ask if you can do the very same thing (what you just did or gave them) for their like-minded friends.

Case in point: We’ve added over a 100,000 prospects to our lists over the years by leveraging simple tell-a-friend pages on our sites.

Here are three examples (each one more potent than the next)…

The first one is from The Attention Age Doctrine 2 opt-in process:

Now, that page did amazing – but this one did even better…

It shouldn’t be hard to understand why this one did better.

Heck, we incentivized it! And when you can… you should too!

But do you want to know the approach that got us more referrals than any other technique we’ve ever created in our entire history?

Of course you do, right?

Well, I must admit this one is a little sneaky.

I call it…


Here’s the deal…

We’ve only used it a few times… And I’m really questioning if I should let the cat out of the bag on this one.

But, heck, you’re worth it – so here it goes…

You get prospects to opt-in for an amazing piece of media. Doesn’t matter if it’s an audio or video, but… IT’S GOT TO BE DAMN GOOD!

And the longer it is… THE BETTER!

So  your prospects are now on the page — listening or watching — to this fantastic (though quite lengthy) piece of content.

And you know what…


Since you’re streaming this incredible piece of content… your prospects are stuck in front of their computer, and they can’t go anywhere.

That’s the VICE…

But you being the wonderful human being you are… you place a button on a page (that opens in a new window) clearly labeled “Click Here For The Transcript And Recording”

And guess what happens when they click on it?

It takes them to a page that makes a proposition… tell x friends and I’ll give you the transcripts and the recording to download.

Here’s an example…

See the bottom of the page?  When prospects click on that box – it takes them here…

Now, do you see why that works?

You’re prospects are on the page getting this great content – but they’re trapped…

You offer a way out… And by clicking on that button they’ve just made a small commitment that they want the downloads…

And now in order for them to fulfill that micro-commitment (and get out of the vice) they’ve got to refer others.

And it’s as simple as that.

I wasn’t planning on revealing this technique… so know this: What I’ve Just Explained Is A GEM!

What make me so certain?

It’s Consistently Generated….


In other words more than half the prospects that hit that page referred two friends…

Think about that for a second… do the math…

Imagine giving away a free audio/video and having more than 55 out of every 100 people refer another two prospects to your site.

Is that INSANE or what?

Now, for those of you who are math whizzes and realize that if this continued indefinitely you’d have everyone on the planet on your list, realize over time the process degrades. How soon it degrades is a function of the quality of your content and the size of your market.

But don’t be fooled – it’s the most powerful generator or targeted (trusting) traffic you’ll ever come across.

Use it with my best wishes.

Tomorrow we’ll continue the conversation on credibility.

But before you go…


I’ve got 2 quick question for you…

  1. Are you currently using a Tell-A-Friend tactic… and if so, how’s it working for you?
  2. What do you think of the Referral-Vice Technique?


Oh yeah, if you got value from this post – don’t forget to tweet and stumble this too!

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren