Turn A Losing Campaign Into A Winner

Ever launch a marketing campaign that didn’t meet your expectations?

You’re not alone…

I’ve been there (more than I care to admit).

And recently, Kim Walsh Phillips — who’s one of the world’s top social media strategists — had the same problem.

But instead of throwing herself a “pity party” and calling it quits…

She got creative with her campaign and made a few unconventional (but very effective) tweaks to her livestreams, emails, text messages, and social media posts during the launch.

In fact, she contacted her prospects FOUR TIMES more than usual.

And because of how she conquered objections and concerns… built connection and authenticity… and kicked people off the fence…

She was able to create big bursts of sales that saved her campaign.

And now you can do the same…

Because recently, Kim spilled all the details inside a half-hour interview with Rich for the upcoming issue of Steal Our Winners.

Here’s what else she shared:

  • The delivery schedule for each livestream, email, and text to get continuous bursts of sales
  • How to convert more leads — especially those on the fence — through ultra-casual Q&A’s
  • The 4 types of emails to send on the last two days of your launch to maximize profits
  • The SURPRISE livestream that conquers any last-minute objections and concerns
  • And MORE…

Bottom line:

It’s always wise to have a “Plan B” in your back pocket in case of a marketing emergency.

And Kim’s “campaign-savers” do just the trick.

Just make sure you sign up to Steal Our Winners by tomorrow at midnight to reserve your copy of the upcoming March issue.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

P.S. Already a member of Steal Our Winners? Don’t worry. You’ll get access to the new issue — featuring interviews with Kim Walsh Phillips, Jon Benson, Fernando Cruz, Rocky Ullah, Alex Jeffreys, Kevin Rogers, Curt Maly, and Chris Evans — as soon as it’s released on March 31st.