My Top 10 Entrepreneurship Lessons

Howdy y’all,

Change of plans today…

Since Rich is still in California for some high-level networking with friends, competitors, and several of the biggest names in Internet marketing…

I’m cancelling our typical Tuesday livestream.

…But don’t fret.

Because I’ve got a special video I’d to share instead.

And even though it’s just 7 minutes long, the clip is jam-packed with the 10 best “life lessons” that Rich has compiled over his 30+ years as an entrepreneur.

It’s a must-watch video by any standard.

And you can check it out on Youtube, right here:

See you on Thursday for our next livestream.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

P.S. If you’ve missed any of Rich’s previous livestreams and want to watch the replays, you can check them out on Youtube here.