The Worst App For Marketers

I’ve recently identified the worst app for marketers.

Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you 3 hints…

HINT #1: It’s used by roughly 25.8% of internet users.

HINT #2: You can download it on your computer, your phone, or simply as an extension in your web browser.

HINT #3: It’s recommended by the world’s staunchest data-privacy experts.

Got it yet?

Here’s the answer:

I’m talking about ad blockers!

But no, it’s not for the reason you’d expect…

Sure, these apps are causing countless websites to hemorrhage their precious ad revenue (that’s the obvious answer).

But the real reason ad blockers are the worst app for marketers, is that they’re also costing them a priceless education.

The fact is…

Instead of feasting on a constant stream of the best advertising on the Internet, the millions of marketers who personally use ad blockers are forfeiting the chance to hone their craft and add valuable assets to their swipe file, each and every day.

It’s insanity.

Especially when you consider the sage advice that my copy mentor, Mike Palmer, told me when I was a wee copy cub.

“You don’t need to read more books on copywriting,” he said. “You need to read more copy.”

It’s a lesson I took to heart.

And that’s why I firmly believe that ad blockers are the WORST app for marketers.

I’d even recommend that marketers cancel their premium subscriptions to Hulu, Youtube, and Pandora, just so they can experience MORE ads.

Heck, instead of blocking ads, you should even consider downloading apps that show you more of them.

For instance…

There’s a browser extension called “Turbo Ad Finder,” that when engaged, hides all the annoying cat pictures and political rants from your Facebook feed, and instead, only shows you the ads.

It’s a must for digital marketers.

Because it basically turns Facebook into The Museum of Modern Ads.

But unlike the real MoMA, admission is free, you can browse as long as you like, and it doesn’t get shut down because of a pesky virus.


  1. Uninstall your ad blocker.
  2. Install Turbo Ad Finder.

That is all.

I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi