The “Must Watch” Video Rich Sent Me

In yesterday’s morning meeting with the team at Strategic Profits, Rich stopped everything (as he’s prone to do with his ADD) and gave me a new directive…

“You’ve got to watch the interview I just recorded with Walter Burch,” he said.

“You should watch it too, Jack (who’s our copywriter). The call was about Youtube ads but what he shared applies to every form of advertising going forward.”

In short:

Walter — who’s helped deliver targeted campaigns for more than 200 national clients including eBay, Orbitz,,, Staples, and Target — revealed that there’s a paradigm shift happening in marketing.

And after burning through over $400K in Youtube ads, he discovered that the common copywriting approach of the past doesn’t work anymore.

You can’t just TEASE your prospects with value.

Open loops that simply promise an eventual payoff, like…

“In a minute I’m going to show you…”

“Do you want to…”

“What if you could…”

…Aren’t converting like they used to!

Plain and painfully simple.

Instead, you’ve got to follow the exact opposite approach and lead with VALUE (but not in the conventional sense of giving away the farm for free).

Frankly, it requires a bit of nuance and goes against the instincts of many marketers.

But Walter has boiled it down to a brain-dead-simple process that he refers to as “taste vs. tease.”

And you can get all the details inside Walter’s interview featured in the upcoming issue of Steal Our Winners.

This big release is this Sunday.

So if you want to get it, you’ve gotta sign up to Steal Our Winners by Saturday at midnight.

You won’t want to miss it.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi