Don’t Buy Ads (Until You Ask 3 Questions)

Don’t get it twisted…

I’m more than willing to spend BIG buckeroos on ads.

But before I do, there’s 3 specific questions I need to answer:

QUESTION #1: What exactly do I want from this campaign?

First, I’ve gotta define what my ideal result would look like. For example, is the purpose of this campaign to generate qualified leads? Sales? Or perhaps a specific type of engagement?

QUESTION #2: What ad channels will I use?

Next, I have to decide which channel I’m going to advertise on. Will my traffic come from Facebook ads… Youtube ads… native… paid search… email drops… or a combination of sources? But whatever I pick, the channel should make sense for my ultimate campaign goal.

QUESTION #3: What’s the fastest and easiest path to get it done?

Lastly, what are the steps I need to build into my marketing campaign to achieve my objective on the ad medium I chose? Don’t overthink this one. Instead, I like to map out my “minimum viable funnel” and get it launched ASAP. Then I can start testing and making improvements based on the results.

Alright, now it’s your turn to ask these questions and see if you’re ready to run ads on cold traffic.

And if you are…

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Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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