The Big Idea, Visualized

One of the best explanations of the ‘big idea’ I ever heard came from Joe Schriefer — the mega-publisher behind Agora Financial, who helped scale the company from $30 to $300 million.

According to Joe (he didn’t create the concept, but he regularly teaches it to copywriters), the big idea is the combination of three circles in a Venn diagram:

In one circle, you have your PROSPECT… in the next circle, you have your PRODUCT… and in the last circle, you have the WORLD (i.e., what’s going on in the world right now).

And when you’re able to bridge the gap between your potential buyers, the thing you’re selling, and show why it’s relevant… topical… or important right now, you know you’ve got a big idea on your hands.

But recently, one of my copywriters, Jack, noticed something:

The overlapping sections between the diagram were blank. So he thought, “Are there BRIDGES that connect them together?”Anyways, Jack thinks he’s found the “missing pieces.” And frankly, I think he might be onto something here.

And how you can use this simple diagram to find YOUR next big idea.