No Travel Club

Most people would consider me a freak for saying this, but…

I do NOT like to travel.

And no, it’s not because I was just stuck on a busted Amtrak train from Baltimore to New York City, got towed to Trenton, and then had to transfer to a slow, regional train for the rest of the ride.

Because even when a trip goes flawlessly…

And the food is delectable… the adventures exciting… the hotels luxurious… and the views are awe-inspiring…

I still look forward to returning to my beloved lair in BMore.

Call me a curmudgeon…

But I simply enjoy my daily routine too darn much.

I enjoy my morning walks with my wife. I enjoy drinking my homemade Americanos. I enjoy writing from my big comfy couch. I enjoy working out in my home gym or going 2 minutes down the street to rock climb at Earth Treks. And I enjoy cuddling in bed at night under my Queen-sized covers.

But here’s the thing…

I don’t just follow this routine because I’ve made it a habit.

These habits allow me to operate at my best.

And when I break them?

My sleep gets out of sync.

My discipline takes a dive.

I feast on junk food and evade exercise.

And worst of all, I lose momentum towards my mission and become professionally unproductive.

Now, I recognize that I may just be a peculiar fellow when it comes to my conditioning.

But I simply can’t argue with the results.

And if you’re a creature of habit like I am (and enjoy the benefits like I do), then maybe you too should think twice before booking your next excursion abroad.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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