Rich Schefren Live for 24 Hours

09/17/2008 | 591 Comments

Rich here, with a few important points you need to know to participate on Rich-TV:

– This blog post will be “Info Central” for Rich-TV… where we’ll be posting updates and a schedule of events on-the-fly.

– To ask a question or make a comment , scroll down while you’re watching the video feed (you’ll still be able to hear me). Enter your details and comment in the comment box and hit submit. Then scroll back to the top of the page to continue watching Rich-TV. It’s important to make sure you leave a good email address for Rich to get back to you if he needs more information about your question, and in some cases he may want to talk to you.

NOTE: Your comment may take 10 to 15 minutes to appear on the blog post. Please don’t re-enter your comment once you click submit.

– If you have a problem viewing the video feed here on the blog, you watch it directly from here (link:

– While you’re watching, register to get my newest report… “The Uncertainty Syndrome”… directly under the video.

– Already got my report? Then tell your friends about Rich-TV. Invite them to watch live…copy and paste the link below into an email and send it to your friends now…

Link for your friends:

Info Central During the Broadcast

  • 8:00 am – We go live in 4 hours. Make sure you are here. We just found out MaryEllen Tribby from Early to Rise will be stopping by the office around 4pm EST.
  • 12:07 pm – RichTV goes live!. Check out the video and chat at Rich’s Live24 Video. Post your questions for Rich here on the blog.
  • 1:29 pm – Rich-TV makes it to the front page of
  • 3:40 pm – 629 watching Rich-TV right now.
  • 8:33 pm – Wow, almost 1000 people on the broadcast. Incredible guests have been on, Jay Abraham, Mike Filsaime, etc. More HUGE things coming. Get everyone on and lets blow up Ustream. He’s still going and just getting started
  • 12:22 AM. Chet Holmes was on. Joel Comm was on, and now Jeff walker is on and is about to do somthing special live. Hit some major records here and still going. Rich is still going strong
  • 4:26 AM. Has still not let up. Over 15,000 viewers on the video and still 698 right now. Coming up on 500 comments and questions. Can’t wait for the closing. Should be cool.

I can’t believe I’m doing this…

No one else in our market has ever done it…

Starting Wednesday at noon, I’m cranking up Rich-TV… a live, interactive video stream that will last for (are you ready?) 24 HOURS!

We’ll have some special guests pop in from time to time. And others will be calling in while we’re “on the air”.

Pretty much ANYTHING could happen. (gulp)

So tune in at noon, and check back often to see which direction this thing heads…

While we’re live, you can post questions and comments using the blog comment feature below. And I’ll get to as many as I can “live” on video.

I’ll be focusing on my new report, “The Uncertainty Syndrome”… and my limited coaching program that’s coming in just days.

That’s it for now. And come by often, because you never know what juicy takeaways you’ll get from our mystery guests and viewers…

… that will help you FINALLY get the results you want online.