What Are You Trying to Accomplish Today?

09/12/2007 | 58 Comments

coffee_1.jpgSome days, you wake up to challenges…

The alarm clock didn’t go off. The modem isn’t working. The milk has spoiled.

And yet, there are opportunities…

You awake to the feeling of sunshine streaming through a window. You read a newspaper instead of scanning news online. You drink your coffee black.

Each day brings new challenges and opportunities. But what if you could turn those challenges into opportunities for greater productivity?

It’s possible, because I do it every day.

Here’s the secret: Focus attention on the tasks that will lead to success.

Before you make your coffee… Before you butter your toast… Before you drop the kids off at school or complete any part of your morning ritual, ask yourself this question about your business day:

What am I trying to accomplish today? It’s a short question, but it packs a big punch.
Many of my coaching clients, most of whom are online entrepreneurs, are blinded by the prospect of making lots of money without spending much upfront.

The potential of having a successful online business is enormously attractive. Not only does it sound cool to say “entrepreneur,” but it’s even better when you can define the term by saying “look at me.”

Yet, the same low-cost barriers to entry can bring a low probability of profit if you can’t address the question: What am I really trying to accomplish?

You need to spend some quality time figuring out what your objective is and how you need to focus your attention to accomplish and exceed that objective.

– Do you want to become the best Internet business coach?
– Are you hoping to sell self-help books online?
– Have you discovered a way to feed the masses and end world hunger?

Whatever your goals, whatever your talents, you have to give this your full attention. Anything less will lead you in the wrong direction – closer to frustration and further from your goals.

So, ask yourself again: What am I trying to accomplish today? And continue to ask this question every day, several times a day, to maintain your focus on achievement.

I know from asking several of my coaching clients that many people struggle with this question.

It’s not because they lack confidence. It’s not because they are trying to be evasive. It’s simply because – no matter how long they have been thinking about building an online business – they just haven’t given the question sufficient, serious thought.

What are you trying to accomplish with your online business?

I am asking this question within the framework of our discussions about attention and, more specifically, our anticipated return on attention.

If you choose to give your attention to something that will become your livelihood, you should certainly know what you hope to accomplish with all of this attention, right?

Remember the examples in previous posts about Starbucks and Apple. Their corporate and critical success is about passion, customer service and paying attention to the right things.

globe.jpgYou have to find those same magic seeds and spread them among your customers.

Without a well-researched and well-executed plan for growth, you stand little chance of succeeding against a world of competitors as an online entrepreneur.

Yes, I said an entire world of online entrepreneurs.

Remember, the Internet is not located on a street corner; it’s located on the World Wide Web. Your competitors may be found anywhere on the globe. Are you ready to compete with them and win?

So, ask yourself again: What are you trying to accomplish today?

How will your focused attention translate into higher profits for your business?

If you’re struggling for an answer, it’s time to maximize your attention on the subject. Here are some tips:

Prioritize. Gain the ability to organize your tasks in a way that aligns with your goals.
Determine really clear short-term goals. Long-term goals are great, but the short-term goals provide a “scorecard” to make sure you are completing the most important things that will keep you moving forward.
Upgrade your ability to deal with information. Take a speed reading course. Discover new methods of research and study. Become informationally efficient.

I’ll have more tips on how you can accomplish these attention goals in Part 2 of The Attention Age Doctrine, which will be released later this month.

But in the meantime, I want to hear from you.

What are you trying to accomplish with your online business?

Besides trying to make lots of money…

No one knows better than you about your passion and goals. Share some of them here and build a community of fans who will cheer for you as you exceed your own business expectations.

You have my attention… Now, start accomplishing your goals.

Show me how it’s done.

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