Resourceful Vs Constantly Searching For Resources

02/15/2011 | 2 Comments

Hi, Rich Schefren here and today I’m driving my wife’s car, but I still have a tip for you in my drive to the office. And it’s an important because it’s one of the distinguishing differences between those who succeed and those who fail. You see, entrepreneurs that succeed tend to be those that are most resourceful. Whenever they come up against a problem, a difficulty, a challenge, they look at the things that they’re already doing or the things that they already have and they’re figuring out a way to still achieve the outcome or objective that they desire whereas, those who fail tend to be much more in a constant search for resources. So instead of being resourceful, using what they already have, using what they already know, they’re in a search to learn more or to find that perfect thing that’s going to solve their problem. The problem with that is that you tend to constantly be on a search for more as opposed to really leveraging what you have. So today as you approach your day, think about how you can be more resourceful as you’re trying to grow your business, as you come up against a challenge or obstacle or difficulty and stop looking for so many resources. The answer is within you. So that’s the tip for today. I’ll see you on tomorrow’s drive to the office. To higher profits and beyond, Rich Schefren over and out.