And Finally, The Secret To Bringing It All Together

02/01/2007 | 20 Comments

Hey Guys,

Here’s the final installment of your business makeover toMake 2007 Your Best Year.

Pretty soon you’ll have a bigger smile because there will be epiphanies for you if you’ve done the lists with all the heart and honesty you could muster.

So by now you may have some ideas about how to build a better life in 2007… So we’re going kick it up a notch.

Are you wondering just how to use what you’ve learned from the last 4 lists to make this year extremely profitable for you?.

Well, your next Big Question is the glue that brings all of this together.

If you’ve skipped ahead to find out where my Business Makeover Formula was taking you, please go back to the first post and follow the step by step makeover formula for each post.

You’ve really got to put in the time to get the benefit from this… Just like you don’t get the benefits of working out by only talking about it, you wonvt get the benefits of this synergy if you donvt do all of these lists. So hold off on today’s Big Question for now if you need to go back and do the other lists first.

Because all of those steps will lead you right back here.

Then you will be ready for the Biggest Question for turning your situation around in short order.

Your Biggest Question Is…
How Can I Use This Information to Make 2007 My Best Year?

The Big Questions and steps you’ve taken leading up to this post will help you only when you put them to use.

And only if you’ve been brutally honest with yourself.

I strongly suggest that after you finish this post, go into your office and grab a big stack of index cards.

Yes, index cards.

Next, take each of your accomplishments from 2006 and write each one on a separate index card.

Now take each of your disappointments and write each one on a separate index card.

Then take each bad thing that you’ve discovered is holding you back and write each one on a separate index card.

These Index Cards are Your Pot of Gold

Take your stack of ‘Victory cards’. On each card write down as many ways you can think of to apply what you did right to your activities this year.

Next, grab your stack of ‘Disappointment cards’. On each one write down how you can avoid this disappointment in 2007.

Then take your stack of ‘What Held You Back cards’. Write down how you can eliminate each limitation from your life as soon as possible.

You Now Have the Key to Making 2007 Your Best Year!

The pot of gold is what you discover by going through all the lists and the entire makeover process – to make 2007 your best year ever.

You only get the results by first following the formula.

Are you thinking that this index card thing is stupid?

Well lose that thought because it works! Writing things down is very powerful.

Make these cards easily accessible so you can review them regularly and re-apply them when needed.

From my personal experience, I know for a fact that if you do this exercise just as I’ve shown you, you’ll get an incredible amount of ammunition to move onward and upward with your business situation and your life in general.

Now and then as you re-visit these lists and see how far you’ve come, you’ll be blown away… And when you are, donvt forget to write and tell me.

By using this formula to make your situation better, you are not relegated to reliving your mistakes year after year…

Why not capitalize on the things you’ve done right to bring you easy profits well into the future?

Why not eliminate what hasn’t worked instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over?

Why not question beliefs and actions that bog down your life in ways that inhibit your business and personal growth?

I Want to Hear How My 2007 Makeover Process Helped You!

After you create your index cards and get a boatload of great ideas for blowing out your business in 2007, tell me!

Leave a comment. Actually, you can leave many comments, so I can see what you thought of each lesson and how each one helped you.

I’d really love to hear your success story…

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
Strategic Profits

P.S.- You’ve really learned a lot this week about making your situation better and not getting stuck in a rut of poor results from your business.

Making things better in 2007 is affected by the decisions you’ve made over the last year.

More importantly, the wrong decisions you’ve made that you haven’t corrected. The wrong things that you keep on doing, even though you can see they are not helping you to grow the online business of your dreams…

Plus all of the good decisions you’ve made in the past that you didn’t automatically apply to your business this year.

And the decisions you’ve made based on pre-programmed beliefs and weaknesses that you never even knew were there dragging you down.

P.P.S. Make me proud. Do what you have to do to use this powerful Business Makeover Formula (that I use myself) to take your business to new unimaginable heights…

And then let me know, because you’ll be the kind of person that I want to do business with!