T-Minus 48:00 And Counting

09/23/2008 | 27 Comments

We’re heading down the final stretch

I delayed our launch a couple of times already so I could help as many people as possible, but now, it’s almost time to get this party started:

   We’re “all systems go” for launching just 48 hours from now: On Thursday, September 25 at noon Eastern time.

I absolutely can’t wait to get going!

Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than helping online entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It’s been nearly three years since I last rolled my sleeves up and personally coached entrepreneurs one-on-one in a live program like this one — so, if you thought I was passionate at our marathon video event, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

No, I’m not going to spoil the surprise by giving you the details on Guided Profit System now. But I am going to answer some of the questions I’m getting now — and I’m going to be straight with you; no hype, no fluff:

1. THIS WILL NOT COST $15,000.00

For some reason, I’ve received a flood of emails from people asking if this was going to cost $10,000, $15,000, even $25,000. And while there’s no question that my former coaching students would tell you it’ll worth many, many times more, the enrollment price is going a tiny fraction of those amounts.


Ask anyone who knows me: When I take business building very seriously. And frankly, I have no time or patience for entrepreneurs who are less committed to their own success than I am.

So this program is intended solely for serious entrepreneurs who are willing to work as intensely on their businesses as I am — and who will actually USE my personalized instruction, advice, methods, and strategies to obliterate any and all constraints currently standing between them and the success they desire.

If that sounds like you — if you can see, feel and taste all the opportunity surrounding you online but need to blast through the constraints holding you back — this intense, 30-day program will deliver life you dreamed about when you decided to start your online business.


I’ve found that when I am able to work with a client daily for 30 days straight, I can create ten, even twenty times greater success than when the process is drawn out over a longer period of time.

Compressing the entire constraint-eliminating process into a single 30-day period inevitably ensures that you will, in fact, implement, execute, and follow through on the ideas, strategies, and tactics we come up with together and that you will reap the results in record time.

That means, to get you to from where you are now to where you and I want you to be in 30 days, the pace will be relentless. I’ll become a kind of entrepreneurial “drill sergeant:” Preparing you to do battle with your toughest competitors online and triumph over them.

I’ll stop at nothing to get you to the goal you signed up for. You’ll see and feel the difference we’re making in your business every single day. You’ll begin reaping many of the rewards almost instantly. And as we near the end of this exhilarating process, you will already be reaping returns that dwarf the price of admission.


My mission is to make you wildly successful — and then to use case studies from this program to justify the higher price I’ll charge for the automated version later on. That’s what I did with the Business Growth System, and it’s what I’ll do with this program as well.

That means I can’t — and I won’t — let you fail. I simply have too much riding on this.

So during this one-time-only pilot program, you’ll get me — PERSONALLY — working hand-in-hand with you to blast through your constraints and explode your business. I’ll give you 100% of my attention … 100% of my resources …. 100% of my best ideas … and 100% of my intensity and energy. I’ll hold absolutely NOTHING back.

I expect — I NEED — the same from you. That means you must be absolutely, positively committed to ACTING ON the solutions we develop together. That’s the only way I know that when we’re finished, I’ll be able to point to you as a living, breathing example of the growth miracles this program produces.

Now, as you can see, I’m serious about making sure you do NOT rush into this program for the wrong reasons. Over the past three weeks, I’ve pulled out all the stops to help you make an INFORMED decision.

I’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to educate you about constraints. I’ve given you a highly-acclaimed report to give you a basic working knowledge of my philosophy and methodology. I’ve answered hundreds of your questions on this blog. I even gave you a marathon 26-hour live video consultation to give you more answers.

Now, the time for questions is almost over. In 48 hours, you will make an all-important decision. Either you’ll move ahead with me to blast away the constraints that are now robbing you the success you deserve, or you won’t.

And the ramifications of that decision will have a massive impact on your business, your success, your wealth and your freedom for the rest of your life.

Between now and Thursday noon, you still have time to ask any lingering questions you have. Just use the form below and your question will be instantly forwarded to me here at Strategic Profits headquarters.

I promise that we’ll move heaven and Earth to get you the frank, no-B.S. answers you need as quickly as possible.

One final thing: You need to be ready to move EARLY on Thursday!

Now, I’m not a big believer in using high-pressure sales tactics in order to get you to join me. Either my track record with clients makes you think this is right for you, or you don’t. Either way is OK by me.

But, fair warning: If you’re serious about eliminating the constraints that are holding you back … if you’re ready to experience the astonishing growth, freedom and profits that vaporizing your constraints will bring you …

You need to be ready EARLY on Thursday; the day after tomorrow — and here’s why:

The last time I launched a live coaching program, I offered it to less than 31,000 internet marketers — and every available slot was snapped up be eager online entrepreneurs in just two hours and 14 minutes.

On Thursday, more than 240,000 business owners and entrepreneurs will be invited to join me — nearly EIGHT TIMES MORE.

Needless to say, I expect this new, constraint-busting coaching program will sell out in a heartbeat. It will not be repeated. And when the automated version is released next year, students will not get a fraction of the personal time with me and it will sell at a much higher price.

So if you’re not ready to grab your place when enrollment opens on Thursday, there’s every reason to believe you will miss out entirely.

Again: If there’s a single question in your mind that might cause you to hesitate and miss this opportunity, please ask it now!
— Rich