#4- We’re Almost There… Leveraging Your Past

01/30/2007 | 9 Comments

Hey Guys,

I’m back again with your next installment of my Make 2007 Your Best Year Ever Business Makeover Formula.

Remember, you can’t have a makeover if you don’t get in the game. If you’ve not done the ‘Power Lists’ from the first three posts, do not pass GO!

These things build on each other, so go back and do the lists of your successes, disappointments, and the things that are holding you back from greatness. You need all the pieces in place, or it’s like putting in the foundation after you’ve put up the siding.

Are you ready now? Let’s get started with this next Big Question, since it really shows you why I had you do those lists in the first place…

Your Next Big Question…
What Did You Learn from the Last Three Questions?

You may not even have to think about this question.

After you put together your Power Lists of accomplishments, disappointments and things that held you back in 2006, the lessons learned could have already hit you square in the head like a 10 pound brick!

Don’t worry if that didn’t happen right away for you -We’re all different and what hits someone else right away may take a little longer to sink in with you.

I’m here today to make sure you fully learn from everything you’ve discovered about yourself and your business.

Learning From Everything You Did Last Year

So you’ve compiled your Power Lists of what went well last year, what could have gone better and what held you back.

Now it’s time to take a step back and learn something from each and every entry from all three lists.

Taking inventory of last year will not help if you can’t learn from your mistakes and your victories…

Don’t only look at the failures and victories from the day to day activities of your business, either…

You should learn from entries in your Power Lists from your personal life, too. Especially the things you found that are holding you back…

Then apply what you’ve learned to your business and your life right away.

For example, if you have been struggling to write sales copy for your business and are still getting poor results, it’s time to outsource this task.

And if you want to have a pile of money for you and your family – even though your grandmother has always told you that money is the root of all evil… you’ll need to resolve the confusion created by trying to achieve something your subconscious mind thinks deep down is wrong.

Even though you have learned what your mistakes and victories were last year, it may not be completely clear exactly how you should take this information and apply it to your business and your personal life.

Well that’s where the next Big Question I have for you comes in…

After you read my next post, you will be very clear about just how to apply what you’ve learned about yourself so you can indeed Make 2007 Your Best Year Ever!

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
Strategic Profits