A Simple Way To Close The Knowing-Doing Gap

02/22/2011 | Comment

Today’s tip is for entrepreneurs who spend way too much time learning and not enough time earning. If you’re caught in the gap where you know way more than is currently implemented in your business… this daily tip is for you.

Where Success, Growth, & Profits Come From

02/18/2011 | 1 Comment

Hi, Rich Schefren here and on today’s drive to the office, I want to tell you about a very special place. It’s a place where all personal growth happens. It’s a place where not only does your personal growth happen, but business growth happens. It’s a place where satisfaction stems from and it’s a place where when you visit it, you become stronger and stronger each and every time you visit. Sounds like a magical place doesn’t it? What if I told you that place was closer than you think? That that place was actually one step away from where you are right now? You see this magical place is one step outside your comfort zone. Too often too many entrepreneurs stay with what’s comfortable; stay with what’s routine and they avoid what they think will be uncomfortable. So I’ve gotten a lot questions recently about how I do certain things or how I’ve been able to grow or how I’ve been able to grow my business. And this is one the tricks. The trick is to get yourself to do something each and every day that you’re just a little uncomfortable doing. It might be picking up the phone and making that call. It might be calling an affiliate and asking them to promote for you. It might be creating a video when you’ve been uncomfortable in front of the video camera. Here’s the bottom line. The bottom line is that all growth comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. Satisfaction derives every time you step outside your comfort zone. So here’s the way I do it. Each night I think about what I could tomorrow that I would generally tend to avoid because it’s uncomfortable. When I’m going to bed I play through my mind a couple of times visualizing me actually taking that act; that uncomfortable act that I would normally avoid. Let me tell you what happens because what I try and do then the next morning is actually do that task very early on in my day. And there’s a tremendous sense of satisfaction when I’ve done that thing; when I’ve taken that leap outside my comfort zone because I know that I’m growing and I’m satisfied. I know that I’m living my life. So that’s the tip for today. Think about what you’ve been avoiding because you’re just a little uncomfortable and step outside it and take that action. Do that thing that you’ve been avoiding because of uncomfortableness and you notice a profound difference in the rest of your day. So I want you to have a wonderful weekend. Make it fun and I’ll see you on Monday and I’ll help you make next week even more profitable than this week. To higher profits and beyond, Rich Schefren over and out.