The Most Powerful Productivity Secret In The World

02/09/2011 | 9 Comments

Hi, Rich Schefren here with one of the most power productivity secrets an entrepreneur can ever know. But before I tell you that, let me ask you a question. Do you remember the very first time that you fell in love and what that felt like? Do you remember how much it pervaded your day-to-day thoughts and how you couldn’t do even for them? And that each and everything that you did for them just gave you more energy, more enthusiasm and more drive to do it more and more; to approach each day providing them with proof that you were thinking about them and that you loved them? Well if so, let me tell you about a quote that a very good friend of mine and partner, Jay Abraham, has often said. He said “that most entrepreneurs fall in love with the wrong thing. They fall in love with their products and their business when they should be falling in love with their clients and customers.” You see, when you fall in love with your clients and customers, you are constantly searching out for more ways to provide value; more ways to show them that you love them. And, that is part of the equation to being an incredibly productive entrepreneur because when you fall in love with your clients and customers you’re passionate about delivering that value. And when you’re passionate, you are productive because you’re happy.

You see, that’s one of the most powerful productivity secrets that there is; to be passionate about what you do because it makes you happy. And when you’re passionate and happy, you are truly productive. So how do you do that? Well the first thing to realize is that love is a verb. It’s not a happening. That means that you can fall in love with whoever you want, whenever you want and however you want. So think about what it was about your clients and customers that made you decide to dedicate your professional live to providing them with value? What is it about them that you could love if you’ve never really thought about that? What aspirations do they have? What are they trying to achieve that is admirable? And how can you really leverage that to feel the love for them? Because when you do that, it becomes a very easy job to then look at your to-do list, look at your task list and attach that to providing them value, because when you provide them value that’s really what your business is all about. So think about (1) what it is that you love most about your clients and customers and (2) look at your to-do list for today and think about how does that show your customers, how does that show your clients that you value them, that you love them, that you care about them. If you do that, I’m sure that you’ll see a very big difference in your productivity for the day. And I’ll see you tomorrow on tomorrow’s drive to the office. Until then, higher profits and beyond and I’ll see you tomorrow.