Business Acceleration Program Q & A

Can you believe how time flies? Seems like just yesterday I was releasing The Attention Age Doctrine Volume 2 and now, we’re just days away from
unveiling my new “Business Acceleration Program.”

Needless to say, we’re getting questions … LOTS of questions… so I thought I’d answer some of them here…

Q: If your Business Acceleration Program is so great, why are you selling it? Why not just use it to grow your own business and get rich?

A: Too late. I made my first millions in the retail business before I was 25 and retired.

That’s when I realized that it isn’t about money for me. It’s about creating success. And I learned that helping others blast through the barriers to their success is the most rewarding activity of all.

Q: I’m a Harvard MBA. You’re going to teach me something I don’t already know? HAH!

A: It’s what they DON’T teach you in business school that counts. Years ago, I worked for one of the top consulting firms in the world and we hired only Ivy
League MBAs. Know what the first thing was we did with them? We shipped them off to our training facility in St. Charles, Illinois and taught them how businesses make money in the real world!

Getting into a top school proves you’re smart.Graduating a top school gets you great credentials. But no sheepskin can give you the tools you need to excel in the real world.

That’s why so many top business owners and marketing VPs — all with advanced degrees from top schools — are dumbfounded by the tools I use: The tools I give you in my Business Acceleration Program.

Not only do they pulverize the obstacles that are blocking your path to success now, they give you hundreds of powerful new ways to trigger a veritable explosion of growth, revenue and profits.

Q: I’m just starting my business. I’m afraid your Business Acceleration Program might be too advanced for me.

A: Fear not the whole point of my Business Acceleration Program is to simplify and uncomplicate the process of growing a business. And the fact is, these tools can be even more powerful in the hands of a person who’s just getting started.

In the early stages of a business, you’re lean, mean, hungry and fleet-footed able to incorporate new tools in the twinkling of an eye!

My Business Acceleration Program is a tool. A whole toolbox, actually. And it’s packed hundreds of hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches you need to build a world-class online business today.

You get things that save you time, save you money, eliminate workday drudgery & get you the information you need to hammer the competition… and even some tools that make it possible for you to do things that you couldn’t do in a million years with your bare hands!

Q: I’ve tried other things that promised to put me over the top and they didn’t work. Why is your Business Acceleration Program any different?

A: Because it does work. For me. For my clients. For the lucky bastards that attended my live event. You met some of them yesterday in that MP3 I sent you with Jay Abraham. In fact, the only people I know who it won’t work for are the people who don’t actually use it. So break it out of the box, dive in and execute the strategies you’ll learn and I guarantee it’ll work for you (in fact, you’ve got 90 days to prove it works… or you get your money back).

Q: I’m the shy, retiring type. I’m not sure I want a lot of attention. Besides who am I to believe that I could be a success at anything?

A: That’s what’s so great about my Business Acceleration Program — and with growing your business on the Web. A hermit could do this from the privacy of his
own cave. Open up the box… grab the quick start guide… and start watching the first video. Start feeling the surge of confidence as you realize the tools do the work for you… and you can achieve the life you hope for — even if you’re shy.

Q: I’ve bought too many things on the Web that sounded great, but when I received them, they were just plain light-weight.

A: Well, this product is not light-weight. While most seminar DVDs are just video versions of thinly-disguised sales pitches… the Business Acceleration Program is an audio-visual university on explosive business growth… complete with the notes taken for you (in the form of our Enhanced Transcripts and Process Maps that leave nothing to chance, and break it all down into discreet steps). I promise… you’ve NEVER SEEN anything even remotely like this.

Q: What about you?

Do you have a question about the Business Acceleration Program? Add a comment and I’ll do my level best to answer it for you.

Meanwhile, the countdown is on for this week… when the “virtual doors” will open and 1,000 lucky people will get their copy of the Program shipped to them.

When the hour comes, you may want to consider the Overnight Shipping Option. Many of our clients will be opening their packages bright & early Thursday morning!

To Higher Profits,