Show, Don’t Tell – The Importance of Demonstration

Guest post by Pete Williams.

Talk about productivity on steroids.

Earlier today, I hosted an incredible livestream with the “Guru to the Gurus,” internationally known business coach, Rich Schefren in South Florida.

Right in the middle of this livestream, I recorded a quick podcast for the Preneur Community.

(That’s a quick profit hack of mine – taking a livestream or interview and turning it into a podcast. And right now, we’re turning that podcast into videos, and even articles like this one.

…Like I said, productivity on steroids.)

And during this podcast, Rich and I revealed something that I want to share with you here…

It’s the importance of demonstrating things to your clients. That’s what we were doing during this podcast, and during that livestream.

Now why do you want to do that? Let me explain…

It’s All About Proof

If you’re marketing anything, you need some way to show your audience that not only do you know what you’re talking about, but also what you’re suggesting actually works.

Now of course, you can do that with testimonials, or case studies.

But a demonstration is so much stronger. It’s the show, don’t tell that gives everything you do a “wow” factor.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to say “I’m going to do this right now and show you it works.”

I’m going to work without a net right now, and I won’t fall while you’re watching.

And you’re going to see the outcome right here, and now.

So you need to think about what you could demonstrate that would show your prospects that you are the expert to follow and get advice from.

For example, if your expertise is teaching people how to get appointments through cold calling, you could film yourself picking a random number out of the phone book, and calling them.

If you got the appointment right there with your audience watching, that would be infinitely stronger than any testimonial ever would be.

Because you just showed you can actually deliver on your promises.

You just demonstrated to your prospects – who are desperate to learn cold calling – that you can teach them how to do exactly what they need.

Another demonstrations that I like to tell my followers…

If you were a locksmith, you could easily put $5,000 in a locked box in the middle of a busy strip mall and say if anyone can get into it – they get the $5,000.

That’s a powerful demonstration that will help you draw a crowd and followers.

A Demonstration You Can Use Again and Again

On the livestream, Rich gave another type of demonstration.

In his business, he has coached a large majority of the largest, most popular Internet Marketers in the world.

In his marketing, Rich can truthfully and legitimately list these big superstars as his past clients. Any future clients can look at that list and recognize these names who have paid Rich thousands to get his strategies.

That’s a demonstration of competence and authority.

When you have that kind of powerful demonstration, you can get a much higher buy-in from your prospects.

When you can do this type of live or even past demonstration, it shows you have the chops to do exactly what I say I can.

So next time you’re looking for that “wow” factor if your marketing, think show don’t tell – it will pay off huge, I promise.