3 Deceptively Simple Questions that Make Millionaires Online

Right now, if I asked you “what’s your overall business strategy?” would you…

1) Look at me confused and say nothing
2) Fumble your way to a semi-coherent answer
3) Or, would you easily answer the question (as if by rote)?

Sadly, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’d end up in group 1 or 2.

And that means you’re needlessly sacrificing profits, while working more than you need to.

Don’t believe me? Give me two minutes and I’ll prove it to you…

The problem is too many would-be entrepreneurs have no idea what their overall strategy is.

Missing this critical information inflicts incredible damage to their chances of success. Because it makes the path to reach their dreams remain out of focus, or “fuzzy.”

And you can’t follow a fuzzy path.

If you do, you’ll bounce around, get confused, and become overwhelmed, and the path that would lead you to business goals will remain out of focus.

But there is a solution. It involves asking yourself the following questions…

1. What exactly do you want from your business?
2. What’s the absolute minimum necessary to have it?
3. What’s the fastest and easiest way to get it?

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Especially number two and three require some heavy duty thinking on your part.

That’s because there’s always a faster way to develop your business with less effort, less moving pieces, and less time wasted. But to do that, you must challenge your assumptions, to discover the short cuts to get there.

For example, you might assume to develop an online business you need a killer list that will take you a year to develop. When in reality, you might have gotten your business going immediately by selling a single product through affiliates.

That’s what I mean by “the minimum necessary.”

It’s the specific steps to dramatically reduce your efforts, reach your dreams faster, and make a lot more money than you are now. It’s how million-dollar businesses are born in record time.

Think about it: If you knew exactly what you wanted, the minimum necessary to have it, and the exact steps that would get it for you in the fastest and easiest way possible… Wouldn’t you agree… YOU’D ALREADY HAVE IT!

And it all starts with answering those three critical questions. I urge to take some time and answer them right now. It will pay dividends in the long run.