See Your Biggest Opportunities For 2021 By Leveraging Subject-Object Theory

This might sound crazy, but it’s true.

Successful entrepreneurs live in a different world than the unsuccessful ones.

You might be wondering – what do I mean by “different world?”

Well, it’s based on the work of Robert Kegan, a world renowned expert on adult development. Who’s also a Harvard Researcher & Professor.

You see, according to Kegan, we evolve in life by transitioning to what he calls ‘higher stages of development.’

At each stage of development, the way we know and understand our world changes. In other words, our entire conception and perception of the world is transformed at each stage.

Obviously, this isn’t accomplished just by learning new things. (I’ll share how it’s accomplished on today’s livestream.)

So, when I say they live in a different world I mean – what a successful entrepreneur sees, believes, and acts on is completely different than an unsuccessful entrepreneur standing right next to him/her.

Want an example?

Many times a coaching client will come to me for advice on an obstacle they currently believe is keeping their business stuck.

But I don’t see their situation in the same way. I see their ‘obstacle’ as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. And after I break it down for them they see it too (that’s why I get paid the big bucks — *smile*).

A critical step in getting to higher stages of development, or being a better entrepreneur is what Kegan refers to as ‘subject-object shifts.’

I’ll be breaking that down on today’s livestream – and how it applies to being a better and more successful entrepreneur.

Here are the details…

  • WHAT: See Your Biggest Opportunities For 2021
  • WHO: Rich Schefren
  • WHERE: Facebook Live
  • WHEN: 2:00pm ET (11:00am PT)

And as always…

I’ll stick around afterwards to answer any follow-up questions, business questions, or even personal questions you might have.

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To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

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