Rewrite Your Reality About Information Overload (And start kicking butt now!)

Here’s the place I’ve been trying to get you to…

The reality about information overload is it isn’t about information at all.

It’s about the meaning you assign to it as it relates to an outcome you want.

It’s about some need you create for it. It’s about following a story that you write that demands you keep adding to the pile.

It’s about…

(Sound familiar?) Understand this…

Information Overload Is Only A Concept

You don’t actually experience “information overload”. What you experience is the frustration of a desire to take action that gets steam-rolled by a story you tell yourself about some level of appropriate knowledge. A story you buy into that says you don’t have some degree of understanding or certainty that you need to make doing whatever it is you want to get done – doable.

So here’s what you need to do…

Remember, to get what you want you have to give up what you have!

“So what if you did miss out on something?”

“What if you couldn’t be certain about anything, ever?”

“Why are the experts selling hype the ones stopping you?”

“What if you only did ONE thing to get your web site noticed?”

“Why are you looking for the truth about you outside yourself?”

Remember, to get what you want you have to give up what you have!

Get busy. We’ll wrap this little series on Thursday.

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