Online Business Profits…Now!

Your business exists to make a profit.

Simple statement, right?

Well, before you agree, do a self-check to determine if your actions are congruent with this simple statement.

Are you currently prioritizing and managing your time (at work) according to what’s profitable and what’s not?

Yesterday, we talked about intentions — how entrepreneurs need to be crystal clear about the outcomes we’re committed to achieving each day.

Today, I want to take the conversation further…

Ultimately, every outcome YOU commit to in business MUST support the simple sentence we started this post with – “Your Business Exists To Make A Profit.” In other words, the outcomes you commit to today need to contribute to your business making a profit.

So, today, evaluate the outcomes you plan to achieve, and the tasks you plan to complete on just one vital truth seeking question…

“Is This Something That’s Going To Help Make More Profit For My Business Or Not?”

If you answer is no, then don’t do it. Have someone else do it. It’s your business, so it’s not efficient for you to be doing the work of a $5 per hour person. Even if it must get done. Get someone else to do it!

Always remember this…


The only way you can live in the Profitable Now is to evaluate every task by asking this simple question…

Is this something that leads my business to greater profit?

So, right now – evaluate your outcomes for today, and your list of “to-do’s” by that simple standard.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll end up with a lot less to do… You’ll step out of the minimum wage activities and step into the real role of an entrepreneur… Living in the profitable now!

And if right now you don’t have anyone to handle the minimum-wage activities – instead of spending your time doing them today, how about spending your time figuring out a new solution (like outsourcing) that banishes these tasks from your to-do list once and for all.

If you follow my advice for today, you’ll respect your mental energy, and stay focused on where you invest it. Making your business make you money. Force it to!

To wrap this up… If you’re struggling with how you can get a task off your plate – post your dilemma below – and either myself or your fellow readers will give you our best advice on how to get the task of your plate for good. Fair enough?

Update: My meetings with Brian Tracy and his team yesterday went very well. Today we’re meeting again. Tomorrow I’ll be flying home. I plan on sharing many of the issues we discussed in our meetings here on this blog – so stay tuned…