Make An Extra 6 Figs / Month By Selling LESS?

Not everyone on your list is ready to buy.

…Especially those who just opted in.

But as direct-response marketers, we like to go straight for the jugular.

Which means too often sending fresh leads a bunch of emails riddled with links that drive them to a sales page.

And then we cross our fingers, hoping they’ll add to cart, pull out their credit cards, and buy.

All without knowing us…

Liking us…

Or trusting us yet.

And while this may do a decent enough job as a ‘shotgun approach’…

The guys over at Traffic & Funnels decided to try something different about 4 months ago.

In short:

They’re now establishing trust first by “pre-selling” leads with a loop of high-quality organic content.

And as a result, it’s ADDED about six figures per month to their business.

In fact, their co-founder, Chris Evans, recently sat down with Rich to explain how their LESS aggressive approach has resulted in MORE revenue for their business.

It’s simple. Powerful. And according to Chris…

“This may have opened up another 10% of our market.”

Want the full details?

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So if you’re not a member already…

And you want to elevate your marketing game and stand out from your competitors who are still use “brute force” to sell at every opportunity…

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Don’t wait.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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