LIVE NOW: The “Terministic Screen” — How It Can 
Grow Your Business & Improve Your Marketing

I’ve got a new concept to share with you today…

Some people refer to it as the 5th cannon of rhetoric.

It’s the most persuasive element of communication.

So powerful in fact, it was kept secret from the masses.

And in today’s livestream, I am going to show you where I found it, why it’s so powerful, and most importantly…

how you can leverage it to be a better entrepreneur and marketer faster than you might think possible.

Here are the details…

  • WHAT: The Terministic Screen
  • WHO: Rich Schefren
  • WHERE: Facebook Live
  • WHEN: 2:00pm ET (11:00am PT)

And as always…

I’ll stick around afterwards to answer any follow-up questions, business questions, or even personal questions you might have.

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To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

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