How I Cut Decision Fatigue By 70%

It’s a scientific fact:

The number of smart decisions you can make in a day is limited.

“What will I wear today?”

“What will I eat for breakfast?”

“What business task should I knock out first?”

Each of these decisions drain your mental energy.

And the tougher the decision, the more it fatigues your noggin.

But I have a simple solution…

Make decisions and stick to them (even if they’re not optimal).


Because when you commit to your decisions — you reduce your need to make them — which gives you more clarity on the decisions at hand.

For example…

  • I’m married and have been in a long-term relationship with my wife for nearly 9 years. Which means no more dating and all the decisions that come with that process (Whew!)
  • I recently bought a house in Baltimore (which I love) and plan on living here for the next 7-10 years at least
  • I stick to a rigid workout routine that I complete in the late afternoon every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • I eat the same handful of meals for breakfast and lunch every weekday
  • I’ve driven my 2003 Honda Element for the past 4 years and plan on keeping it until the engine or transmission literally fall apart (which based on its current condition, won’t happen for another 4-6 years)

The result?

My mind is clear, free, and focused on the critical business decisions that chronically and inevitably appear during the day-to-day process of managing Strategic Profits.

I have extra bandwidth to focus on the decisions that have a massive impact on our success.

And I sleep easy knowing that most big decisions in my life are handled.

Bottom line:

It’s been a game-changer for my productivity.

So if you want the same…

Then do what I do and make decisions that you can stick with long-term, automate the recurring ones, then rarely give them a second thought.

And when you do, you’ll slash your daily decision fatigue up to 70%.

I guarantee it.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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