Here’s What A Bad Customer Looks Like…

Earlier today, a “customer” sent me an email saying that he bought Steal Our Winners back in February, but no longer could get access.

And in response, I informed him that all of his purchases had been declined by the payment processor.

Then by his 3rd email, he continued to deny that fact… claimed his bank could no longer provide his statement from February… and finished the message by saying:

“The days of the customer is always right might be gone.”

Well ya know what?

I sure hope they are.

In fact, that philosophy is one that I sincerely dispute.

Because in my experience — as someone who got their start in customer service and continues to read every customer email we receive — those that complain the most, not only waste the most time, but they also spend the least.

That’s why I’m happy to say “good riddance.”

For those folks, I’d rather not take any of their money.

And I recommend you do the same.

Because when you follow this approach (which I learned from email marketing expert, Ben Settle), you’ll wind up with a list full of high-class, stress-free customers who actually pay their bills on time and without complaint.

Sound harsh?

I thought so too.

In fact, after not giving into this customer’s request, I questioned my response. Especially when I noticed that he used the link I sent him and signed up for a $1 trial to Steal Our Winners.

“Perhaps something slipped through the cracks and he really did pay for those products?” I thought.

But then, my initial suspicions were confirmed…

Because while the $1 purchase cleared, the $295 upgrade to annual he tried to buy AND the $999 upgrade to lifetime were promptly declined as well.

Tisk. Tisk. Tisk.

Let that be a lesson to you and me both.


If you want to see what all the fuss is about and discover why I regularly see people try to access our coveted Steal Our Winners interviews through fraud, piracy, and bald-faced lies, now’s a great time to sign up the legitimate way.

And while spending $1 to join won’t guarantee that you’ll be a great customer, it could turn you into a great marketer.

And that’s what really counts.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi