Marketing Your Business Online? Leverage Your Strengths…

Inquiring minds want to know, don’t they?

“Know what” you ask?

Well, from what I can gather… lot’s of things!

And in today’s post I’m going to address a few of those many things you’re telling me are pressing.

O.K., in yesterday’s post…

A Foolproof Easy Method To A…
Game Changing… Market Shifting… BREAKTHROUGH

(Which you should read right now if you haven’t already)…

Sean O’Sullivan made a valid point.

He correctly pointed out, I was assuming…


Woops! Sean’s right.

You know, sometimes I forget you might not have read everything I’ve written. Silly me! Since I’m sure you haven’t.

But, if you’re just getting your business off the ground, or if it’s still just a seed in your mind…


I wrote The Missing Chapter as an immediate follow-up to The Internet Business Manifesto.

And the reason I wrote it (coincidentally) was I made certain assumptions about my readers that I later found out to be untrue.

Anyway, in The Missing Chapter, I share with you the right way of identifying your strengths and…


I can best explain its importance with a single slide from an upcoming webinar I’ve been working on (more about that very soon).

It’s truly profound if you grasp its full message.

You see, there’s no doubt that Michael Jordan is a natural born athlete. That means he’s got talent no matter what the game.

But the difference between a smashing success and a continual grind often is determined by the game you decide to play.

Or, to say that in a more direct way…


So, if you haven’t read The Missing Chapter or it’s been years since you’ve read it, I strongly recommend you read it or even re-read it ASAP.


Let’s say you know your strengths, and you’ve defined your business around it.

But you’re wondering what your next step should be?

More specifically:

  • What should be your first product?
  • What free content should you create?
  • Where can you really separate yourself from your competitors?
  • Where can you create the most value?
  • etc…

And if I do my job well, you’ll have a renewed confidence on…


Now, before I reveal the key distinction that’ll accomplish this great feat, let me say this…

I’m a huge fan of the classics of direct response.

The legends of direct response, men like: Albert Lasker, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Robert Collier, and many others distilled incredible insights in their books for us to shorten our learning curves.

In fact, just a few months ago I did a 3 hour webinar for my fellow Founder’s Club members on this exact topic.

In the webinar I dissected each of the classics and what I thought were the biggest takeaways from the books they left behind. And I had a hard time keeping it to 3 hours – there’s simply so much value in these classics.

But, over time, some things change. While it’s true human nature may never change, how and what we respond to does evolve.

And it’s that evolution that I want to underscore for you today. Because once you know it…


You see, back when these legends practiced marketing, times were different.

Compared to today, the prospects they were marketing to were under-marketed to.

So, back then the key to effective advertising and marketing was BIG AUDACIOUS BENEFITS.

But today these super-sized claims often have a ring of unbelievability to them. And if you’re not believed… you’re not trusted.

And if you’re not trusted… there are no sales, no profits, and no business growth.

So, what can you do? What’s the secret to highly effective marketing?

Well, quite simply, it’s this:


There’s nothing more powerful in marketing than a believable promise backed up with mounds of proof.

Yet, when I scan most marketplaces I see a deficit of proof… and a sea of unsubstantiated claims.

Now, there are many forms of proof – and tomorrow I’m thinking we’ll spend some time exploring some of them.

But for today, you need to explore your past and look for as many different potential seeds of proof.

You see, your past holds the key to credentializing the claims you make today and in the future. But in order to have them you must do some detective work in your past.

Here’s a story of the evolution of proof from my past to help further clarify.   Now, I realize you won’t have the same proof but you’ll have something different (if you really look for it) that’s totally unique to you.

The important thing to grasp here is that your proof evolves over time when you continue to take action and press forward.

Proof Point #1 – My Past Offline Business Successes

When I first started coaching online entrepreneurs about business I used my offline business successes as proof that I knew how to grow successful businesses.

It was that proof that originally attracted my first 25 clients.

Proof Point #2 – Average of $1.5 Million Dollar Growth

When those very same original 25 clients grew their business by $1.5 million a piece in the first six months of my coaching program, I used that proof to attract over a thousand new clients to my coaching program.

Proof Point #3 – $3.8 Million In Sales Our First Month In Business

Next, I used the success of attracting those thousand plus clients into my coaching program as proof I knew a few things about marketing.

Which helped establish me not only as a business growth expert but also a man with some serious marketing chops.

And so on… and so on…. and so on.

Here’s the thing: I’ve consistently built on each success I’ve ever had to climb to the next step on the ladder of success. And so should you.

There’s more proof lying around in your past then you realize. I can promise you that.

And it can start out smaller than you may appreciate. But if leveraged it can be consistently grown with action.

But you’ve got to do some serious thinking and exploring about your past. And more importantly how it can be used to prove you can create the value you want to create.

Well, the sun is rising – so that means it’s time to bring this blog post to a close. Man, this sunrise is beautiful, I wish you could see it.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

But, you know what?

Writing on the beach this early is absolutely beautiful, but it’s also somewhat deserted.

In fact, as I write this, there’s no one else on the beach yet.

And that’s pretty isolating.

Which means, I rely on…


To make things a little less lonely around here.

So, please, don’t discount how much your comments mean to me.

They mean more to me than you could possibly imagine.


So, for today, will you tell me the two things I always ask of you…

  1. Your Biggest Takeaway.
  2. What You’d Like Greater Clarity On From Today.


Like, I said, I really, wholeheartedly appreciate it.

Till tomorrow at 10 am.

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren