A Daring Online Business Blog Post?

Can you write a valuable blog post made up entirely of questions?

I think i can, but will you give me your opinion by commenting below once you finish reading it?

Should we begin? I’m ready, are you?

How’s your business going? Is it doing as well as you used to dream it would? Do you think you could improve it right now?

If you were forced to, what could you do right now that would move your business in the right direction? Are you willing to commit to doing it today? If you are willing, will you write it down right now, so you don’t forget?

Do you procrastinate? Why do you think you do it? Do you really enjoy the activities you do instead? If you had to choose, would you say it’s a fear of failure, or a fear of success? Could it just be a bad habit?

If procrastination was just a bad habit, would you be willing to create a new habit of being action oriented instead? If so, can you commit to doing that one thing that’ll improve your business (the one I asked you to write down) as soon as you finished commenting on this blog post?

Do you think this is an interesting experiment so far? Are you getting value out of it? Should I assume if you’re still reading you are? Should I continue?

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you already know? Can you imagine how different your life might be if you applied everything you already know? Could blog posts like these that just ask questions (instead of telling you more to know) help you use more of what you already know? If so, do you think you might see more blog posts that are made up of just questions like this one?

Do you think if you share really good content with your prospects they would immediately buy more from you? What if they already had enough? Don’t we all have enough already?

Well, if good content isn’t enough to get people to buy, what does get people to buy? Don’t you think people buy to solve a problem or problems? So, what if your content helped your prospects understand their problems better and showed them how your product or service solved it? Do you see how much more effective this sort of content would be?

Have you ever read the Internet Business Manifesto? Isn’t that what I did when I wrote it?

Are you clear what problems your product or service solves? While I’m sure you know a lot about what you sell, how much do you know about the problem it solves?

Do you know more about the problems your prospects experience than they do? Don’t you think you should? Because if you did, couldn’t you write great content that helped your prospect better understand their problem? And wouldn’t they trust and like you more because you knew their problem so well?

Then when you told them about what you offered and why it was the best way to solve their problem, don’t you think a lot more of them would buy it? Are you now going to learn more about your prospects problems?

Would you like to know how I learn more about my prospects’ problems? Do you want me to tell you in my next blog post? If so, will you tell me that in the comments below? If not, would you tell me what you do want me to write about in the comments below?

So, what do you think? Would you believe me if I told you this was one of the easiest blog posts I’ve ever written? Does that matter to you anyway?

Should I write some more posts like this? Would you be willing to read them if I did?

If you had to guess, do you think more people will like this or hate this? Won’t you know after you read the comments below?

Before you go, can you do two small favors for me?

  1. Would you tell me what you think (below)?
  2. Can you tweet this, tell others, and ask them what they think to?

Should I say thank you in advance?