Distractions and Procrastination: And How to Out Think Both

If you’re reading this, you know all about procrastination.

I can see you sitting at your computer, trolling the blogs for the reason why it seems to take you five times longer to complete a project than you know it should.

Trust me, I can relate. I’ve been a procrastinator my whole life.

Yet, even as a procrastinator, I’ve still managed to launch three separate million-dollar businesses. I’ve also coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, consulted with major corporations, and launched a ton of other side projects.

How did I manage that? Simple.

Over the years, I have found ways to get things done in spite of my own tendency to procrastinate.

I’ve figured out how to think around – or “out-think” my procrastination – so I could be successful regardless. Let me explain…

A Procrastinator’s Dream Team

One of the reasons I’m so successful is I’ve hired a team of talented people for my business who handle many things I would normally procrastinate on.

For example, my President, Tom Beal is an expert at managing the operations side of a business. An ex-Marine, he’s extremely disciplined in many areas of his life. He handles all the day-to-day operational tasks – which I would procrastinate on.

My Affiliate Manager, Linda takes care of networking with affiliates and setting up all affiliate deals. In other words, she takes care of another side of the business that I would usually put off till later.

I also have a team of writers who take care of promotions… email copy… ghostwriting reports… special projects etc. I even have a writer whose job is finishing my unfinished projects.

That way I can focus on what I really love – coaching clients and researching the next big breakthroughs.

Even if you have a one-person business, you can still copy this strategy by hiring outsourcers or VAs to knock out the certain projects that you know you’re more likely to procrastinate on.

How to Out-Think Procrastination On Your Own

Of course, I have several projects that no one can finish for me.

So over the years, I have also created strategies to out-think my own procrastination, without anyone’s help.

It’s these strategies that I’d like to share with you in my next couple posts. I think they will be the most useful because they will help you achieve success in every aspect of your life.

So let’s get started…

As an entrepreneur, you will find out pretty quickly that if you’re constantly putting things off, you will NEVER reach the level of success you want.

So if you find yourself procrastinating, you have a couple options.

First, you can do what I do…

When you’re feeling bored, just switch to another important task.

For example, let’s say you really don’t feel like doing task X. You feel guilty about that because X is genuinely important, but you’re just not up to the task today.

As a procrastinator in this situation, you may use this as an excuse to check your email, look at Facebook, read Twitter or just stall in general.

Next thing you know, four or five hours have passed and you’re still trying to do task X.

Here’s one solution: Rather than agonizing over task X, move on to another equally important task. For instance, tackle task Y or Z on your list.

Once you get done with task Y and Z, you might have the energy to go back to task X. Or you might quit for the day.

But regardless, you still accomplished something. That’s what important.

Again this is just one strategy that I use. I’ll be back in my next couple posts with more ways to work around procrastination and distractions.

In the meantime, be sure to comment below if you’d like to see more strategies like these.