Tips that DOUBLED my writing speed

11/12/2021 | Comment

Want to know how to write faster?

Maybe you’re pressed for time…

Or maybe you’re stuck on a blank page with a blinking cursor.

(Yup, we’ve all been there.)

Either way, putting words on a page FAST can free up valuable time in your day and is a critical skill for anyone who’s a “knowledge worker.”

And because Rich is currently in Phoenix and I’m recovering from a cold (i.e. congestion and a sore throat), we’ve canceled today’s live stream, and instead, I’d like to share a special training I recorded years ago when I first started creating education for writers.

Inside, you’ll discover 7 specific tips (not 5 like the image above says) that helped me DOUBLE my writing speed without learning to “type” faster.

Click here to watch it.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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