7 Business Secrets I Learned From Jay Abraham

Many years ago, I learned an incredibly powerful concept from Jay Abraham called “Capitalizing on Capitalism.”

And the premise is very simple:

You make money for your business by leveraging the assets of OTHER businesses.

For example…

One time Jay found a struggling brokerage house that was only doing $300,000 in annual commissions by selling and marketing the conventional way.

He quickly shifted their entire marketing approach from one of paid ads to a pure, performance-based revenue sharing deal with a large group of financial advertising channels.

The result? Sales skyrocketed to $500 million and Jay’s investment of effort (and zero risk) made him $2,000,000.00 in just an 18 month period.

Another example:

Jay found a seminar company that only offered entry-level low-priced seminars. So he created the first and only advanced seminar they’d ever offered.

It made them two million dollars in 30 days.

Jay’s share? A whopping $200,000 for a few days work.

Of course, these are not promises that you’ll earn that kind of money so quickly. But it does show you the amazing POSSIBILITIES that this strategy offers to put a bulging wad of cash in your pockets.

In fact, consistent 4- or 5-figure profit shares for yourself is actually quite doable.

And here’s 7 easy ways you can implement this strategy right now:

  • Strategy #1: Re-Engage Forgotten Customers — Go to any company who has lost customers, clients or patients. Offer to reactivate old buyers and turn them into new ones. Even in a recession, it’s possible to restart up to 40% of the people who stopped buying in the past.
  • Strategy #2: Increase Their Average Order Value — Show companies how to increase the size of each sale by adding other products or services to the purchase mix. They could even offer bigger financial incentives for people making larger purchases. This tactic has been proven to increase sales (and most importantly profits to the business owner), by as much as 50%.
  • Strategy #3: Monetize Old Customers With New Offers — Find other related/complementary products or services that you can offer to the past buyers of a business (that will add 50 to 75% net profit to the owner’s bottom line). They are far more available than you possibly think.
  • Strategy #4: Slash Their Expenses — Show business owners how, instead of adding more products to increase profits, they can cut up to 40% out of their current overhead and get the same effect. This can be attained by utilizing joint ventures, strategic alliances, and host beneficiary relationships–resulting in HUGE savings.
  • Strategy #5: Get New Customers At A Discount — Use a discount media service to cut their advertising costs by 40%. Few business owners know they exist and that this is easily done. Once, Jay took over the rights to acquire full page newspaper ads for a company. He negotiated to keep 80% of all ad savings he generated for them over a certain period. On average, Jay saved them $25,000 a month just by pairing the newspapers together and buying those same ads from a discount media source.
  • Strategy #6: Optimize Their Ads — If your talents lie in the creative areas, you can always step in and help make all their ads, sales approaches, promotions, and marketing activities perform better just by tweaking the copy or design–for a nice percentage of the increase. Even something as simple as a headline change can easily increase responses, leads, sales and profits up to 21 times.
  • Strategy #7: Revamp Their Pitch — If the sales force consists of person-to-person contact (either face-to-face, on the phone, or in email), some small changes in what they say, how they say it, the way the sale is generated, or even the bonuses that are offered can double, redouble, even redouble again the results a business produces–even in a recession.

Amazing, aren’t they? And that’s just seven.

But Jay’s got a LOT more ideas.

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Here’s the premise:

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To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

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