How To Emotionally Connect With Your Prospects – Daily Video 22

Yesterday, I talked about WHY the success of your marketing efforts is hinged around getting into your prospects mind ( In today’s video I’ll reveal one critical skill that you must develop, in order to get in the minds of your prospects. I’ll show you one simple exercise that will get you one step closer to your prospects mindset.

Hi, Rich Schefren here and on today’s drive to the office, I want to talk to you about what we spoke about yesterday. Yesterday, just to recall, I told you about how to get inside the mind of your prospects and why that was so important. Well today I want to take it even further. You see, there is one critical skill that you must develop in order to be able to get inside the mind of your prospects. And it’s often overlooked by the majority of entrepreneurs and marketers and this stunts their ability more so than anything else. But let me share a specific quote that will really open up this concept for you. Here’s the quote. “That which is most personal is most general.” Let me say it again. “That which is most personal is most general.” Now why is that such an important quote? Well, you see, what it means is that the deepest emotions, frustrations, desires, etc. that you have are actually shared by more than you would every imagine; that the things that you think are only specific to you, others are thinking the same exact thing. Now why is this quote so important? Well, you see, most people cannot identify the real reason why they’ve made a big purchase. They can’t identify the underlying emotions, drives, frustrations, desires etc. of why they bought what they bought. And here’s the problem. If you can’t do that for yourself, you’ll never be able to do it for your prospects and clients. So here’s the exercise. The exercise is to think through the last three purchases that you’ve made and think through, not the rationalization of why you bought it, but the real underlying emotional reasons why you bought it. What was specifically going on inside your mind that made you feel you needed to make that purchase right then and there from that place? If you can identify what you’re going to find is that you’re going to find the real deeper inner drives that drive purchase. You see, it’s often been said by many people who read my reports that they feel like I’ve been looking over their soldier, like secretly spying on them and being able to articulate in words what they’ve been feeling and never been able to articulate. Well the reason I’m able to do that so well, is that I’ve been keeping a journal for twenty years. So I’ve constantly dug deeper into my own psyche and by doing that I can dig into other psyches. That is the specific skill set that you need to succeed in marketing today. So that’s what you need to do. You need to explore your own psyche; to get deeper into your own thoughts about the reasons you do the things you do and the better that you get at that, the better marketer you’ll be. So think about it. And think about this going forward. Every time that you make a purchase, every time you take a new action, think about not the rationalization why, but the real reason, the deeper emotional reason why and the more that you’re able to articulate it, the better the marketer you will be. You see, at the end of the day, if you can’t dive into your own psyche, you’ll never get inside the minds of your prospects and clients. So my wife has been making fun of me of all the different ways that I end these calls, or sorry, these videos – over and out, to higher profits and beyond. She said pick one. Stick with it and don’t keep doing all these cheesy taglines. Well I don’t know what my tagline should be. I mean, it’s always been to higher profits and beyond, but I feel like I should say over and out or something. So why don’t you tell me. Tell me about what you think about this idea about the exercise of the three last purchases and maybe what you realize. And most importantly, tell me how you think I should end these. What should be the very last word, excuse me that comes out of my mouth right before I end these videos. And I’ll save it with that and I won’t even end. I’ll just wait until you tell me how to end.