Win a Dream Date with Rich Schefren

I have a promise to keep …

For months I’ve been teasing you with information about The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

I’ve promised that it would be a blockbuster report…

I’ve told you to mark your calendars for its arrival…

I’ve asked you to clear the cluttered thoughts from your mind and save enough bandwidth for all of the juicy, actionable, and potentially profitable information you’ll find in Part 2…

Well, all of your patience, all of your interest, all of your anticipation, and – yes – all of your attention will pay off handsomely, because…

It’s finally ready… almost.

This will be great news to a lot of people.

We have been covered up with phone calls, emails, and messages from my readers and even my coaching students. The message from each of them is basically the same: “Rich, where the %$#$% is Part 2?”

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, one of my loyal blog readers – Andrea Yager in Israel – has created a video and posted it to YouTube about her eager anticipation for Part 2 of the Attention Age Doctrine.

She’s had fun at my expense, and I deserve it…

You see, I’m a perfectionist, and I don’t like to release reports unless I know they will blow your mind. That’s the reason it’s been taking me so long.

I’ve been tweaking The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2 ….tinkering late at night, many nights in a row, to re-write sections and change the phrasing to really whip this report into shape.

And believe me, it hasn’t been easy. Just one look at my raccoon eyes and you’ll know that this head has not felt the pleasure of a pillow in nearly a week… But I’m not complaining.

What I’ve lost in sleep, you’ll gain in wisdom. That’s my promise to you… and you’ll be able to realize this promise really soon…

How soon? Well, how about Wednesday, Nov. 28?

Wednesday, Nov. 28, will be a date that will forever be ingrained in your minds as the day you started thinking differently, and acting more profitably with regard to your business passion.

That’s my dream date: Wednesday, Nov. 28 … Not because I’m dreaming, but because this report will help you realize your dreams of online business success … and more.

In The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2 you’ll discover:

– The biggest obstacle to achieving your online business success

– How marketing methods must change to reach and influence consumers in the Attention Age

– Why the Attention Age presents “the biggest business break of our lifetime”

– Why consumers are in control of your marketing and how this works to your advantage

– What the emergence of Web 2.0 and social media means for your online business growth

– How to turn your prospects into “the best marketing channels” for your business success

– The fastest and easiest ways to maximize the attention of your marketplace

– How to develop personal, business, and marketing attention plans to grow your business

– How to transform yourself from “Marketer to Maven” and gain the trust of your prospects.

That’s a lot to digest, but it only provides a taste of what you’ll find inside this truly impactful doctrine.

Save the date: Wednesday, Nov. 28, for the release of The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

While you’re downloading, I’ll be getting some much needed sack time… Don’t let my snoring disturb you. Devour this report with gusto… You won’t be disappointed (I’m talking to you, too, Andrea…) 😉

Anyone else wish to create a video about your own anticipation for Part 2 of The Attention Age Doctrine? Send it to me and YouTube and I’ll post the link on our blog… Hit me with your best shot!

Follow Andrea’s lead… Get creative. Have some fun. Get fired up about the coming launch of The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

Wednesday, Nov. 28, will change your future as an online entrepreneur. Prepare to be blown away!