The Most Powerful Persuasion Secret… That You Don’t Know!

When I was spending a lot of time consulting with Agora – I still work with them just not as much anymore – one of the big things they mentioned to me about my marketing was something that every A-list, superstar copywriter understands.

But it’s an aspect of content creation that most rookie marketers (and even a lot of veterans) don’t have a clue about.

What is it?

Your “voice”. The tone that comes across in the content that you create.

The folks at Agora said in all their testing, they found the best “voice” for content – for the delivery of whatever it is you’re using for marketing – is the voice of someone who’s excited.

It’s the voice of someone who has just discovered a secret. And is dying to pass it along.

That type of voice conveys an emotion that is extremely powerful (and catchy) in the marketing process.

(And they told me that I had a great knack for doing it.)

Find Your “Excited” Voice

Personally, I don’t feel like I can turn it on at will. But it comes really naturally for me when I’m writing a report or working on a webinar or doing any educational marketing. I just automatically get excited about sharing things I’ve learned or discovered.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, here’s something I want you to try.

Think back to a time when you got really worked up about some exciting news you heard. Some big news you were were the first to hear. Think about how you couldn’t wait to share with a friend.

Think about the excitement you felt. Re-immerse yourself in that experience.

If you can deliver a similar level of excitement in the “voice” of your marketing, your prospects will latch on to that emotion you’re sharing.

Do it often enough and your content will become the kind of content people actually look forward to consuming. They’ll enjoy reading or watching as much as you enjoy sharing.

Try it out. Try to get yourself a little bit excited and rewrite a piece of your marketing content. How does it sound now?

Remember, when you’re creating your marketing, pay attention to your voice. Share the joy!

Now I’ve Got A Special Surprise For You…

I filmed a short video that explains one of the most powerful marketing techniques I know. (In fact, it’s one that I developed personally.) One that I make sure goes into every piece of marketing content that I put out. It’s done pretty good for me. I think it will do pretty good for you too.

It’s a short video. But it’s packed with good stuff.

You can watch it here…

And don’t leave early. Because I have another special surprise for you near the end.

I’ll be back in a couple days with your next marketing installment.